Hope Mansion - "Life Grows Inside"

If you or someone you knew became unexpectedly pregnant, what resources would you think they might need?

Many of us would think of things like an extra room for the babies nursery, safety approved car seats, lots of cute new clothes, and so on. We would assume things like family support, a place to live, and the financial ability to pay for appointments, necessities, and even some fun extras.
For woman living in generational poverty, however, they often do not have access to the safe housing, finances, and support that a pregnant mother needs to successfully and healthfully deliver her new baby.
That’s where Hope Mansion comes in. Hope Mansion “exists to break the chain of generational poverty and hopelessness by providing women in crisis pregnancy a loving, structured, residential environment, as well as the necessary time, resources, and support for them and their babies to become productive, well balanced citizens.” The staff at Hope Mansion recognize that women living in generational poverty don’t need a handout or a quick fix, and they genuinely put the time and heart into building relationships and providing new ways of dealing with life and all its stressors, all while providing a safe and secure environment for the mothers to get to know each other and to begin making changes in their lives.
In addition to shelter, Hope Mansion provides “educational and training classes, as well as necessities such as food, clothing, counseling, mentoring, case management, and life-skills training”. This well-rounded group of resources provides a holistic model of care that truly meets the needs of the women utilizing the residence, as they are able to “grow emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, and through goal setting and planning”.
Hope Mansion offers three levels of volunteer engagement: Prayer Partners, Volunteers, and Financial Partners.

Prayer teams meet every day of the week, and some of their current prayer requests include wisdom in ministering to the needs of the residents, safe delivery for all babies, and networking opportunities with individuals, churches, and corporations.

Volunteers can help with a wide variety of tasks, from fundraising and grant writing, graphic design and administrative tasks, and even providing baby care, mentoring residents, and teaching classes. Opportunities are available on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis. To volunteer, fill out the application on the website!

Financial Partners can also donate on a weekly, monthly, annual, or one time basis. The annual expense to house one resident, through the time of her delivery and up to 6 weeks after the birth, is $17,065. The average weekly expense of one resident is $328. Hope Mansion also has a list online including a variety of food and cleaning items that are helpful in the form of donations, and gift cards are also welcomed for grocery stores in order to allow for the purchasing of perishable items such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

The services that Hope Mansion offer are absolutely vital for the health and wellbeing of both expectant mothers and their babies. The support these women receive will indeed contribute towards breaking the cycle of poverty and providing a fresh start with new tools. If you know a woman in the Cedar Hill area that may benefit from these supports, encourage her to check out the shelter at Hope Mansion. If you are someone who could offer prayer, time & energy, or financial assistance, please pray about doing so. This is life changing work, and your giving will make a difference!