By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Galloping ... Galloping.
I'm a galloping horse conveying a rider to the ends of the world on piggyback.
I'm a pioneer navigating the old frontier in a covered red wagon and carrying a little pilgrim.
I'm a tow truck driver airing up little red wagon wheels and hooking a chain up to the trike of a broken-down driver.
I'm a cowboy on a tree limb searching for lost cattle with my little cowpoke.
I'm a surveyor seeking for a land claim trudging through a "Little Forty" with a "fruit snack" recording assistant.
I'm a ship's captain out on the waters skipping rocks with a little sailor across a three foot mud puddle.
I'm an Indian on the open prairie scouting for buffalo with a young Kemosabe.
I'm an adventurous individual with an explosive imagination;
and there's nothing like the accompaniment of a child to invite and expose it.
Mmmm ...
If it's true that the greatest sign of intelligence is imagination;
my IQ is off the charts.
I hope yours is too!
Imagination is contagious, compelling, and intoxicating. When we're near those who have it we find ourselves energized, elevated, and empowered.
We find ourselves challenged, engaged, and decidedly employed.
+Imagination precedes invention.
It invites the mind to wander, explore, and formulate new thoughts and fresh ideas.
+Imagination is rejuvenating.
It refreshes, cleanses, and affirms creativity, originality, and individuality.
+Imagination is adventurous.
It risks the unknown and thrives on dare, discovery, and expectation.
Imagination is a verb that requires motion, movement, and dare ... drawing us out of ourselves and engaging us in new and glorious landscapes.
Utilize it and the possibilities are endless;
negate it and we resist freedom, life, and liberation.
Imagination catapults the mind into hope, discovery, and risk.
It's one of the best companions in the world and those who navigate without her don't go far.
Who's your "imagination" company?
How much do you value and employ imagination?
Are you dormant and stagnant or life-giving and adventurous?
Are you confident and risk-taking or insecure and controlling?
What does the "company you keep" speak to you about your imagination?
Are you entertaining the endless sea of possibilities before you or do you fail to see much of anything but what is truly before you?
Consider the effects of a difference in outlook.
Expose yourself to the wonders of imagination.
Dare to express and confidently invest in what your mind can conceive.
Dare to go where few people go ...
You'll end up in a place you won't want to leave.
Join the company of the "Imaginative elite" and explore adventure.
I've got two new little partners awaiting a gallop,
 and I've invited Mark Twain along too.
Galloping ... Galloping.
"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
-Albert Einstein