By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Words excite me.
This one is off-the-charts, over-the-moon, and outside the zone.
 It garners a perfect score of 10, a round of applause, and a standing ovation.
It's the frosting on the cupcake, the vanilla in the coffee, and the butter on the popcorn.
Mmmm ...
"The name 'Imagineering' combines imagination with engineering. Building upon the legacy of Walt Disney, Imagineers bring art and science together to turn fantasy into reality and dreams into magic.
Walt Disney Imagineering is the unique, creative force behind Walt Disney Parks and Resorts that dreams up, designs and builds all Disney theme parks, resorts, attractions, cruise ships, real estate developments, and regional entertainment venues worldwide. Imagineering's unique strength comes from the dynamic global team of creative and technical professionals building on the Disney legacy of storytelling to pioneer new forms of entertainment through technical innovation and creativity."
Imagineering is a super special word attached to creative power,
 flavored with extraordinary zeal, originality, and differentness.
It's unique in that it works to actualize and express a creative thought in tangible form. Disney has figured out how to "do" it and they're still having fun!
So it occurs to me, my friend, that if we dare to apply the art of Imagineering to our own dreams, desires, and ambitions, we might conceive and live out wondrous new realities that generate hope, life, and enjoyment in others also.
This of course means a wee bit of eccentricity with a dash of audacity sprinkled in.
It means exploring uncommon options,
making friends with unfamiliar ideas,
activating and living out new motions and possibly commotions,
and weaving a thread of Dr. Seuss throughout the whole.
The goal of Imagineering is to simply express originality and tangibly realize it.
Jot down some dreams and desires on paper and start to play with them.
Create different shapes and characters and articulate creative links and forms on your page in freehand and let yourself go.
Boxes. Circles. Stars. Rectangles.
 These are not allowed.
Make some shapes of your own.
 Dream some dreams of your own.
And love the magic of it.
It's really very entertaining and rewarding.
I'm "Imagineering" conquests in hiking which include different audiences, shoes, shapes, and all that.
There's footprints and polish splashed all over my page.
Pink and purple,
Stars and stripes,
Glitter, gloss ...
Oh what a sight.
-I M A G I N E E R I N G-