By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

The “blanks” quiet me and comfort me in a most strange and unusual way.
A precious friend of mine opens her Bible study before me and I’m invited to take a look inside and view the questions.
But the questions garner no attention from me.
Instead I stare at the “blanks” presented me of questions unanswered,
And I must know …
“Why did you leave “blanks?” I ask my spiritually-seasoned, wise friend.
“Because I don’t have the answers,” she softly replies.
And all at once,
Blanks have never been more powerful to me,
And I wonder at this truth afforded me through a moment of such simplicity:
More blanks,
Fewer answers.

And I realize …
It’s what I want my life to be.
And God be praised,
Through "blanks" He speaks to me.
Psalm 46:10