By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

I have become convinced that those who "face the music" on earth will enjoy a different music in heaven.
I have become convinced that telling the truth, no matter how hard the truth is, is the only lasting permanent way to live our lives constructively today for the glory of God.
Jesus emphatically declares to us an affirming truth:
"But the hour cometh and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth; for the Father seeketh such to worship Him."
John 4:23
*Read the entirety of the context of this passage and consider what Christ is implying to each and all of us.
It is paramamount to our faith and our communion with Christ that we live lives of truth and expose the lies that hinder ...
No matter what.
Truth is the bedrock and foundation for worship and Christ says He is seeking this.
Weighty thought  ...
You might think you have a lot to lose by telling the truth;
I will declare to you the wondrous realities of multiplied gain:
1) Communion with Christ will be miraculously restored and "redemption" will take on an entirely new meaning when you tell the truth.
2) Brothers and sisters in Christ will surround the truth even if, temporarily, there's a chasm that divides in the "telling" of it. The nature of true fellowship resides "in truth" and God can be trusted for the intersection and timely "recovery" of hearts in pursuit of Him.
Reconciliation speaks to the glory, majesty, and wonder of God;
To the proof and manifestation of God and His sovereignty;
To His internal and eternal desire that His Bride be whole, unified, and purified.
This is to His glory alone and He wields the power to do this.
3) An education will be earned through the "School of Hard-knocks" in relation to the truths which you've learned.
Consider the ramifications, dear Reader, for growth, education, health, and healing in the "body" under such conditions.
People who tell the truth help others tell the truth.
Indeed, corporate brokeness is what we call revival, and who but God knows how close we are to that.
4) God is glorified when we step out in faith and allow the consequences of our truth to be performed according to His perfect will.
Even though the consequences may seem "hard, bitter, and biting," they will prove sufficient catalysts for growth and maturity in our faith.
5) Compassion and love for others will be experienced on an entirely different level:
-Judgement will be replaced by gentleness.
-Condemnation will be replaced with compassion.
-Disunity will be replaced with unity.
-Corruption will be placed with Christ-likeness.
We will love to a different degree and we will never again be who we once were.
Praise be to God.
In the end I think we shall all be made better somehow.
The church shall grow in her desire to shoulder and effectively bear burdens and the Bride of Christ will shine with a supernatural glow that makes men wonder.
Hmmm ...
Words to think on,
Pray on,
And incorporate.
For all that is yet to be ... we give God praise.