Check Out Flipgrid!

I'd love to share a new, community focused platform for sharing scripture using technology! The site is called, and it was developed for classroom teachers. It is still fairly new, but it has a great premise and will likely be making its way into the workforce and other professional communities as well as the classroom.

Flipgrid utilizes a video response approach that gives people the opportunity to orally respond to prompts or questions. This works best if you have an online audience, a Bible study group, or close cohort that wants a chance to verbally interact.

My husband, a youth pastor, is excited about trying flipgrid out with his high school Sunday School class - he plans to introduce a topic for discussion early in the week, listen to responses as they come in, and develop a longer lesson for their in-person sessions.

I'm so excited to hear how it turns out!

In the meantime, click the Inkwell Ministries flipgrid link below and check out the prompt there, based on the poem "In Contrast" that was recently posted on the Words page:

Inkwell Ministries flipgrid

Listen to my response, then post your own!