By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

In the last 24 hours, how many Facebook statuses or texts do you remember?
How many "Likes" did you supply or texts did you reply to?
How many "Likes" do you remember liking or texts do you recall as inspiring?
How much wisdom was supplied you?
Do you feel less lonely and more confident in conclusion?
Do you feel closer and more connected to others?
Think through the questions and legitimately answer them.
Hmmm ...
Put the dang phone away and start communicating with your own mind again.
Pick up a book and read and remember the joy of learning.
Stop allowing Google to do mental calisthenics for you and begin to assign dictionaries and commentaries to your brain plate again. Build some "mind muscle" deliberately, intentionally, and consistenly.
See what happens.
Give yourself a "Like" and keep on going!
Experience mental alertness, growth, and challenging dialogue again.
Enjoy encounters with others that are charged with stimulating thought and uninterrupted exchange.
Enjoy the wonder of experiential knowledge through an uninterrupted visit to a library, museum, or art center.
Minus your phone.
Leave your phone at home more and see how much you accomplish without it.
Get into the delicious and delightful habit of treating your phone like a "land-line" so you can begin to live again, learn again, and love to a deeper degree again.
 Remember that important phone conversations will somehow find a way and make their way back to you.
Messages can be left ... and you're not indispensable.
You'll be alright.
You can do this.
Live again.
Dream again.
Experience the wonder of life without interruption again.
Who knows, but maybe a whole new relationship will begin, creativity will be sparked, new arenas of engaging will be exposed, and new areas of study will be delved into.
Make some rejuvenating life choices.
Literally ...
It's your call.