By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

I'm a passionate individual.
 Hot-wired and hard-wired with intensity and the desire to do and become "more", there's an internal drive at work within me that seldom tires, wearies, or slows.
According to my online dictionary passion means "relentlessly compelled and intensely driven."
Impassioned individuals understand the need to perform with an intensity level that makes volcanos erupt and lava spill out. We look for challenge, strategy, and implementation and  come heavily enforced with curious and mysterious qualities of enthusiasm and energy.
-Passion dispels lethargy and determines destiny.
-Passion utilizes and connects itself to every available resource in its expectant pursuit of a positive outcome.
Impassioned individuals have a tendency to jar, jolt, and send a shock of electricity through the shoulders of those they come into contact with. Sometimes the jolt feels threatening, scary, and unnerving but generally it produces and ignites a healthy spark in a burned out heart that's very wanting.
Since I can't be with you but very much desire to be, try to imagine yourself brushing up against me.
Feel an emphatic, electrical charge empowering and coursing through you,
excitement penetrating you,
a pulse beating stronger in you,
 desires awakening within you,
and an emphatic, positive pulse beating inside of you.
This is what I desire to be to you, beautiful friend, and this is what I'm repeatedly told I contribute.
Like you, I've experienced my share of tough stuff and crazy hard stuff.
We all have!
 -Devastating relational break-ups.
-Painful vocational hiccups.
-Untimely financial backups.
-Or a painful health diagnosis that tells us we'll never get back up.
Bugger, blast, and Ouch!
We all must do battle with the rippling effects of mess-ups, heartaches, and difficulties.
We all must determine whether we'll get up or give up.
Nobody but you is responsible for the activity you choose, but my vote for you is cast in the positive.
I'm decidedly for you.
Keep going ... no matter what!
Like you,
 I've made massively stupid choices,
entertained wrong and hurtful voices,
and gotten side-tracked and derailed more than once.
But like you ...
I keep getting back up and looking for ways to prop others up knowing that in the end, it's the hard stuff that gives others courage to engage and face their hard stuff.
It's the hard stuff that God uses and chooses to reveal Himself.
And this thing called journey becomes strangely beautiful when we "show up"and choose to not give up.
Because the possibilities are endless ... when God is with us.
Entertain and be energized by the possibilities,
 explore the "more" you were made for and settle for nothing less.
Life is short ... own it.
Jars and Jolts.
Darrelyn L. Tutt / Life Experience Coach + Motivational Speaker
Specializing in Small Group Dynamics