By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

You left your lights on in the car ... and there you are.
Your cables are lose and there's no juice.
Your alternator stopped and the power's popped.
It's 30 below and the car says "no."
It's time to reach for the jumper cables, hitch yourself to a "living" vehicle, and be on your way.
There's places to go and things to see;
people to meet and somewhere to be.
Mmmm ...
There's nothing in all the world like energizing elements, individuals, and environments.
In connecting with them we find ourselves empowered, energized, and recharged. In linking ourselves to them we find ourselves rediscovering, uncovering, and exploring new thoughts, possibilities, and opportunities.
Answer aloud these provoking and regenerative questions:
+Who's "your" jumpstart?
+Who makes you want to experience more, see more, and do more?
+Who entertains themes of adventure and exploration in you?
+What "authors" and books compel, inspire, and spark imagination in you?
+What environments make you want to explore more?
+What fuels your interest and who sparks creativity in you?
+Who and what energizes you and gives you needed juice?
Who recharges you?
Jumpstarts are healthy "re-starts" back into life and journey ...
and we all need them.
We also to need to "be" them.
Get out your jumper cables and start living again. Locate healthy and restorative sources and hook up your battery to them.
Identify (aloud) sources of negativity and steer clear of them!
Positivity produces productivity and life.
 Negativity produces death plus nothing.
Two dead batteries don't ever produce positive energy.
Don't ever forget this!
Hmmm ...
Maybe some cable-charging changes are needed?
Link up and live ...
And remember your jumper cables.