By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

"The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much."
James 5:16
Hmmm ...
Of great interest to me, in this particular truth, is why the first half of it is generally lopped off, forgotten, or dismissed as a lesser irrelevant piece.
Convinced that the latter is not gotten until the former is not forgotten, a challenge is issued to the reader to actually "do" what the Scripture says and then see what takes place in your prayer life and your personal life.
"Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much."
James 5:16
Today's Read: James 5; Romans 8
Here we are led in the right direction to discovering a more rich and effectual prayer life and here we must decide whether the former and the latter ought ever to be separated.
Three keys to effectual prayer:
1) Prayer requires humility and thus, confession, is its chief ingredient.
Confession of faults is essentual to growth, maturity, and communion with Christ.
Confession is an act requiring humility and brokenness; a signature of a heart in sync with God and responsive to the Holy Spirit.
Show me a man who makes fervent confession and I will show you a man who makes fervent prayer.
2) Confession of faults to one another is to cause us to prayer for one another.
Where there has been confession of sin to brothers and sisters in Christ, so does the Scripture mandate a prayer covering emphatically necessary for healing.
Until we appropriate a true conduct of internal humility and identity toward one another with an understanding of our "sinful" commonality, I question whether we will be of much value to a lost and dying world or whether we are really of much value to one another.
Deep confession is more pleasing to God than idle praise.
Brokenness is a humble "art" in a desirous heart claiming nearness to God,
 and prayer is its meaningful companion and counterpart.
Confession leads to cleansing and communion;
And those who pray together shall stay together.
Those who forsake the mandate of prayer and postpone their own confessions through the gossip and condemnation of others shall reap the discord they have sown and this too is a promise made sure in Christ.
Prayer unifies and brings cleansing and healing ... participate in it.
3) Confession of sin leads to camaraderie and communion.
How wondrous the exercise of confession is to the soul and to the body.
-First it leads to cleansing,
-Next, it leads to camaderie and truthfulness with others.
-And last it leads into a developed fervency with God whereby we draw others into sacred union with God, even according as we have received such a cleansing for our own sins.
As we willingly identify with the sins of others;
So are we unified by the cleansing of Christ.
How lingering the effects of righteous men and women who pray in earnest beside us, no sin withstanding.
How lingering and empowering the effects of righteous individuals who pray together and bear witness to the faithfulness of God through that earnest endeavor called prayer.
With final consideration we must vehemently take hold of the reality that both Christ and the Holy Spirit are resolutely and intensely praying for us continually (Romans 8.)
Should it not follow then, that those who walk with Him shall do the same?
Two halves make a whole, dear friend.
Make sure you perform the first half of God's promise if you wish to exclaim to the other.
Three Study Considerations:
1) Confession of faults is biblical.
Practice it.
2) The springboard to fervent prayer is fervent confession.
Draw near to all those participating in it.
3) The prayer that availeth much has a "pray-er" who confesses much, identifies much, and  ultimately loves much.
God be praised for the prevailing power of prayer within the righteous.