By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

June is deemed a month of transfer:
School rooms are vacated and replaced with outdoor activities.
Routines are replaced with random and sporadic outings.
Geographical moves and vocational changes create a boon for the housing market.
Travel plans, vacation splurges, and the color green (representing many areas) target "June" as the layman's introduction to a season teeming with movement, motion, momentum, and hopefully, preserved memories.
But how to retain the memories.
Hmmm ...
By implementing a few respectable "practices" we can keep our writing on task and our creative juices flowing and flourishing.
Ideas for consideration:
1) Journal your way through spring.
Purchase a new journal that suggests the look and feel of rejuvenation and refreshment. Begin every page with a spontaneous and contagious quote and look for small but energizing practices to add to your pages.
Draw, doodle, dare to be expressive;
Venture out in adventurous and creative ways.
2) Unpack unnecessary writing "baggage" and take a break from writing projects and obligations.
 Simply write to write.
Write because you love to,
Because you desire to,
Because it's in you.
Remove yourself unapologetically from frenzied activity and allow your mind, soul, and spirit time to process your own experiences.
Offer yourself the gift of time and make no exceptions.
Be specific about a desirable "writing" timeframe and selfishly keep to it.
At a minimum ... one hour.
Write for the sheer enjoyment of writing.
Write with the knowledge that the only eyes which will be rehearsing and reading your writing will be your own.
3) Navigate a new library or bookstore.
Make part of your vacation a trip to a bookstore that hosts a coffee shop and a sweet roll and splurge on a new "read" while indulging on a caffeine and carb overload.
Savor the whole fun experience and intoxicate yourself with a timely indulgence.
Mmmm ...
4) Engage your mind with a revitalizing visit to a place you've never been:
Attend a theater, play, or orchestra.
Purchase tickets to a concert, museum, or special speaker.
Purchase a state park sticker, sit on a bench beside a river, or find a tree to simply laze under.
Allow your mind to experience something new, fresh, and experientially exciting.
And then of course ... record it.
Tap into every sense ignited and allow yourself to feel it until it gets in you.
Mmmm ...
Enjoy the month of June and allow a little piece of "splurge" to attend you.