By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Physical activity is healthy for the body, mind, and soul.
Whether making a trek up Black Elk, engaging in a hike through Custer (State park), wearing the soles down through a block walk, or swimming across an old country pond, activity enforces and endorses a healthy mindset.
  Physical exercise is a precursor to success in other arenas of life, causing us to actualize, realize, and experience tangible outcomes while empowering and urging us to more in response.
Five things to be gained through physical activity:
+Muscle growth and body toning.
+Perseverance, resilience, and discipline.
+Independence, team-building, and self-confidence.
+A sense of exhilaration, attainment, and achievement.
+Self-awareness, experiental wisdom, and intensified vision.
Physical activity acts as an impetus to new dreams, desires, and goals suggesting that the conquest of one attainment paves the way to the consideration of another.
Can you think of a single individual who, having attained a specific physical goal, didn't set out to create another goal immediately on its heels;
  entertaining and imagining one involving greater strain and detail in its wake?
Yep indeed ... realized goal attainment is a positive and productive force;
learn to engage in it.
Dare to live out an adventurous journey, my friend, composed of new steps, challenging new terrain, and a new partner or two.
+Try something new with someone new.
+Test and prove your physical limits and endurance.
+Explore more and be imaginative.
The sky is the limit!
Dream big, explore expansive possibilities, and allow your mind to engage in wondrous terrains affording exhilaration, excitement, and energy.
Dream up a new adventure ...
and go out and live one.
Get active and love the life you live!