By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

What do you find energizing?

Do more of it.
Who do you find energizing?
Spend more time with them.
If the majority of your time is invested in energy-draining activity and absorbed by energy-draining individuals then make some energizing changes.
You have options.
Explore them.
Implement them.
Take advantage of the resources around you and quit living a less than desirable life.
Quit using excuses for why you're not where you want to be and take a concrete step in the direction that provides you with energy for where you need to be.
This is your "kick in the butt from Tutt," today.
You've been through hard stuff?
Yes ... we all have.
The name of "your" shitstorm is irrelevant and I mean this whole-heartedly. Deal with it in order to experience wholeness, relationship, and energy.
Refuse to dwell in the "shit" of a shitstorm.
Tackle it honestly and take back what's been robbed from you.
If you don't like my word choice ... you've got plenty of other options.
Go ahead and tell the truth about your "ugliest" self and I'll tell you some beautiful things to support you. On the heels of every hard truth lies positive solutions, outcomes, and opportunities. On the heels of honest confession lies true relationship and beautiful life-giving qualities.
Engage in energizing options because they exist. Spend time with energizing people because they're out there.
You'll get through "this" thing just like others have ... and you'll come out better, wiser, more discerning, more loving, more empathetic, and less judgmental.
God's promise!
+ I want to see you energized and restored.
+ I want to see you believing and living out the redemptive terms Christ has applied to you.
+ I want to see you thriving and experiencing growth.
+ I want to see you become more than you can ask or imagine.
Live an adventurous and energized life!
Get off your butt ...
-Darrelyn L. Tutt
"Live fully while you're here."
-Tony Robbins