By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Lake Calhoun is the largest lake in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and a participant to a chain of lakes surrounding. It dwells in the midst of heavy housing allowances and luxurious living accommodations.
All the way around it's intoxicating and beautiful.
The last three days, my husband and I spent an extended and replenishing weekend  surrounded by family and friends there.
It was simply delicious and deeply invigorating on every level.
Saturday, a beautiful snow fell and lay soft on the golden leaves still hanging on to strands of Fall, not wanting to quite let go.
How well I identified and how deeply I felt this picturesque "visual."
Sunday was filled and brimming with the most excellent and meaningful blend of conversation and companion over drinks and delicious dining experiences.
 Monday I woke and allowed myself the luxury of walking the three mile perimeter of Lake Calhoun and giving myself time to processs some of the conversations and interactions I'd had the privilege of enjoying with intelligent and provoking loved ones the previous days.
It was so refreshingly excellent.
The immersion of beauty and breathtaking foliage that accompanied my thoughts submitted the most perfect refrain and it was hard for me to leave that place.
Sometimes the soul is very ready to return home ... and other times it stomps its foot inside and begs for one more day.
I think the latter speaks to a deep refreshing realized with a yearning for more and it speaks to life, vitality, and goodness.
That's what I was feeling in my yesterday.
I felt the "Fall" and the leaves not willing to let go.
Mmmm ...
This morning the enjoyment of collective thoughts, companions, and memories all collide and refresh me beautifully one more time while I allow myself to indulge in them.
Life is beautiful, good, and rich where we can be our truest selves with others.
Moments, hours, and days of replenishing are beautiful, beautifying, and necessary for the soul and needful in procuring a revitalized state.
Where there is truth, beauty, and love ... true souls collide and abide in depth of communion and intimacy.
For beautiful, breathable, and breath-takingly good moments and memories, my soul is grateful.
My soul has been replenished, refurbished, and restored with God's most tender of graces.
My soul has been reminded of its need for beautiful rest.