By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

There's a new little shop in the town of Tea (small suburb of Sioux Falls,) that just opened its doors. The place is packed, it's difficult to find parking, and it's only just opened.
A woman's shop of taste, class, and closet appeal, it's on my "short list" of places deemed enjoyably intoxicating and every woman in the vicinity should visit it.
Mmmm ...
But here's the crazy thing about Laurie Belle's:
About one week previous to the shop's opening, a detour was created that bypassed the normal driving route in order for needed road work to ensue and which, for two brief blocks, skirts you around the mayhem and runs you directly past Miss Laurie Belle's shop.
The result of this little detour has proven a remarkable marketing strategy.
 I'm convinced the owner must be in "cahoots" with the DOT. (Ha.)
Women are stopping and shopping because of the detour.
Had the detour not been there, I've no question, I would've likely never entered nor gotten off the beaten track to step inside.
The owner exclaimed to me over this piece of positive providence given her, never dreaming that a "detour"  would translate into a burst of frenzy and activity that has catapulted a fragile beginning into a budding talked about business, before its barely begun.
Who would've guessed?
Hmmm ...
Life is full of detours.
While we tend to view them as necessary obstructions and short obstacle courses that do very little to enhance the journey, they are elected, selected courses by which God often times, redirects and reroutes the entirety of our lives.
Detours generally prove to be one of God's greatest and most favorable blessings.
They often look like a long way around something, when in reality, they bring us very near to the thing we were looking for all along:
Depth and intimacy with the Almighty.
Rerouted and unfamiliar with new terrain, we learn to trust the Lord a little deeper and look differently at our surroundings.
Our vision is clarified and our goals solidified in Christ.
We engage with new people and we view new possibilities.
Everything takes on an entirely different look and we are miraculously and substantially forever changed.
And the detour becomes the path of deliverance.
A path which leads us "to" and not "away" from the One our soul loves.
God be praised.
Detours demonstrate the power, sovereignty, and authority of God at work in our personal lives. For those of who are on one, be encouraged, be aware, and remain engaged with the One who brought you there.
The best is yet to come.
Remember Laurie Belle ...
"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose."
Romans 8:28