By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Nature energizes!
When we take advantage of the rejuvenating effects and restorative qualities she offers, we're more alive, engaged, and aware:
+Our creative impulses flow freer.
 +Our minds are more imaginative.
 +Our souls are more engaged.
+Our bodies are healthier.
Nature is a free resource given by God meant to be embraced, enjoyed, and experienced by all.
Be a participant and not a spectator in it.
Onward and foreward in adventure ...
After a formidable and challenging hike in the Sonora desert, daughter Hannah and I ventured into a new experience involving new terrain and a new "vehicle" by which to see it.
We chose horseback.
A wondrously intoxicating ranch scent permeated the stable yard and filled us with anticipatory expectation of our trail ride. Friendly ranch-hands met us and led us to corrals teeming with life, color, and movement.
One horse caught my eye with immediacy:
A "beauty black" wearing a beauty mark "white" on his third quarter right hock. He conveyed a look of "spirit and life" to me and I desired him as my partner in adventure.
I named him "White Hock" but my ranch-hand corrected me and introduced me to "Lazer."
With permission to ride last-in-line, I was given the small but delightful liberty of lagging behind a wee bit and then enjoying an occasional "catch-me-up" lope. The experience was pleasurable and Lazer appreciated the overture.
We enjoyed curious typical informational tidbits along the way from our guide:
+The black holes observed in cactus are created by birds drilling and nesting in the core.
+The Sonora boasts and plays host to a unique breed of cactus called the Saguaro which develops branches like arms as it matures, and generally extends upward with as many as twenty-five limbs curiously attached.
+Rattlesnakes are generally heard before seen.
Pay attention.
The ride was deliciously intoxicating.
Lazer energized me.
The ride refueled and replenished me.
The ranch-hands made quick friends with me.
Memories with my daughter are now mine unforgettably.
And I think to myself how beautiful it is to experiment and experience new landscapes and new approaches in viewing them.
Mmmm ...
If you're not an early morning riser or an outdoor individual or,
even if you are,
  I challenge you to expose yourself to a new experience in your day, and see whether or not you don't find yourself more charged throughout your day in notable ways. A change of landscape connects us to a host of new experiences, people, thoughts, and creative impulse.
By intentionally changing-up the plain and terrain we move on, we contribute healthy and restorative qualities to our lives and the lives of others.
Choose a new landscape,
a new partner.
Lazer up ...