By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

The letters "LGBTQ" have come to identify specific individuals in society.
But letters are not people and people are not letters.
We are not here to label but to love.
Here's my approach:
Love Gently & Be Tender ... Quietly & Quickly.
"The streets of Calcutta were dangerous, dirty, and crowded. People were infected with cholera and leprosy, dysentery and other diseases that were fatal in most cases. Mother Teresa and her group of helpers went among them every day with courage and conviction to do what they could do to ease their pain.
One day, Mother Teresa came across a young woman in the gutter of the street, directly in front of one of the Calcutta hospitals. The woman was so ill that she did not notice or care that the rats and cockroaches were eating her feet. Mother picked up the woman and carried her into the hospital. She told the nurse inside,
'This woman is dying. She needs help.'
But the nurse replied,
'Sorry, no room for her here. She is poor and can't pay and we can't save her anyway, so we can't waste a bed on her. Now please move along.'
Mother Teresa's heart broke as she carried the woman back to the street and there she stayed with the woman for hours until she died. Mother Teresa was angry and she felt like no one should have to die alone, forgotten and in despair in the dirty street.
Mother Teresa found an old abandoned hotel just behind the Hindu Temple and started brining in the people the hospital refused to admit. They were so sick that she knew there was no hope for survival for them, but she felt compelled to make a place that they could come to die. It was a horrible undertaking as the people who filled the rooms had open wounds covered with maggots or had parts of their bodies missing due to disease. The Hindus from the Temple did not want these people close to them and threw garbage and rocks at Mother Teresa.
One day, Mother Teresa saw a man lying on the steps of the Hindu Temple -- very sick. She learned he was one of the Hindu priests and no one at the temple would touch him for fear of getting the disease. So they put him on the steps to die. Mother Teresa picked him up and took him to the old hotel where she cared for him until he died a peaceful death. The Hindus at the temple saw what she had done and never gave her any trouble again."
-Kay Teehan "The Evidence of Kindness"
People are not "letters" and letters are not people.
They will never be.
How we treat one another matters.
We identify ourselves by the way in which we love, and change both the world and ourselves in the process.
Love Gently & Be Tender ... Quietly & Quickly.
"Intense love does not measure. It just gives."
-Mother Teresa