By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

The haze of an indescribable fog begins to lift.
The eyes snuffed out with a temporary "blinding white" are assisted by a focal point that is solid, strong, and sufficiently stable.
God is able and ... God is Sovereign.
He sits on His throne with His Son appearing at His right side:
-Constant in communion,
 -Engrossed in pure and holy discourse and discussion.
The Son making intercession and concession on behalf of His "beloved one" before His Father.
The pure eyes that meet the Father,
Are the pure eyes that lift from the fog.
The pure voice that speaks to the Father,
Is the pure voice that beckons out of the fog.
The purity and holiness of God and His Christ are sufficient navigators in the fog.
Christ is a "fog lifter" to the "lost drifter."
He clarifies the soul ...
And makes to see again.
The "mystery" of Christmas.
The Snow White Christ ...
In the lifting fog.