By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Never tell yourself you can't do something;
 you might start to believe it.
Develop the empowering art of seeing the positive and speaking to the possibilities.
The opportunities become endless!
Remove the limits you've imposed upon yourself by inviting activities, resources, and individuals into your life that speak to empowerment, possibility, and growth.
Where you "feel" inhibited, restrained, restricted, and constrained ... retrain your thinking by throwing-off constraints deemed immobilizing and enlisting activities you find energizing and mobilizing.
The moment you begin to assume responsibility for your life;
 you begin to "take back your life" and live it.
No one can impose "limit sanctions" on you ... but you!
This is an empowering statement;
rehearse it continually and respond to it accordingly.
Rejuvenating practices and activities can be applied to your life at any time. By simply taking advantage of the resources and opportunities around you, you can become an explosive, dynamic adventurist living a life you never thought or dreamed possible.
In adopting one empowering and curious activity, I've changed my life dramatically and experientially.
 Before you ascribe my activity as small, insignificant, and silly; apply it to yourself first and then get back to me.
Cover to cover look it over and see what your home state and surrounding communities have to offer. Utilize the "free" resources enlisted you and take advantage of the opportunities around you.
Explore the heck out of your state!
Cut out the places you want to visit and assign them a visible place in your living space. Begin to mentally explore and anticipate a new adventure!
Take advantage of the coupons in the back and explore and enjoy new discoveries.
The longer you've lived in a state the less likely you are to explore it, but don't ignore the positive providences enlisted in it.
+In going new places, you'll meet new faces.
+In experiencing a new location, you'll earn an experiential education.
+In applying something new, you'll be challenged anew.
+In making discovery ... you'll find your recovery.
Shuttle yourself down to the local gas station and begin adventure.
If you live in South Dakota, here's a few "5 star" recommendations:
1) The Guns of History Gun Gallery in Mitchell, SD.
Call in advance, request *Wendell as your tour guide, and leave yourself with extra time (11/2 to 2 hours is appropriate.) Enjoy it unrushed.
Cost: $10. per person.
Wendell is an extraordinary historian supplied with extraordinary knowledge;
expect an exceptional overview of Native Americans, battles, and guns.
And gosh and golly ... but my providence in intersecting an individual in close kinship with my "Black Elk" family and Black Elk Peak.
My next pilgrimage has already been positively impacted.
2) The Pettigrew House and Museum, Sioux Falls, SD.
 If you value history, you'll gain a remarkable education on the state of SD and learn about our state's first Senator, Richard Franklin Pettigrew.
Senator Pettigrew is composed of more adventure and "business failed" attempts and ventures (expensive to boot,) than anyone I know. His rate of success in the enthusiasm department is incomparable, astonishing, and remarkable.
If you're anything but inspired at the end, let me know.
The day after I wrote about the Colt revolver (June 28th) curiously, mysteriously, and providentially, the early "Colt" revolver was made visible to me on the second floor.
How extraordinary.
Cost is free / donation based.
My appreciation and knowledge of Sioux Falls has grown exponentially through this visit and the tour guide was excellent.
3) Good Earth State Park, Sioux Falls, SD.
This park boasts a beautiful new Visitor's center and plays host to a Native American Museum. The Video clip is interesting and educational.
The hiking trails are peaceful and "untainted,"
 and the prairie grass lends itself to a feeling of serenity and solitude.
A good contribution to State Parks ...
I recommend it.
Explore it and be quiet in it.
Limit sanctions ...
By making small changes.
One adventure at a time.