By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

In my possession is a list of names.
The compilation of names suggests a vulnerable people group which, for a wide variety of reasons, isn't able to get out or travel far. Be it infirmity, age, or season of life these individuals are held captive in "cells" of solitary confinement yet desirous of the exact same ideals, dreams, and life as the rest of us.
Rejuvenation. Aliveness. Alertness. Adventure. Passion.
Mmmm ...
Which one of us doesn't want to experience any one of these on any given day?
Each day, my friend, we are afforded opportunities to love others in highly demonstrative and energizing ways.
Compose a list of names and get to work.
Shut out all forms of negativity with positivity and positively love the life you're living.
+Be imaginative, creative, and original.
+Be energizing, positive, and enthusiastic.
+Love without bounds, restrictions, or rules and meet others where "they're" at and see who you become in the process.
God is not a narrow God but fully alive and adventurous;
He pursues us that we might pursue others in return.
He mobilizes us for sacred tasks,
 and fills us with loving acts and passionate volumes of energy by which we serve Him actively, passionately, and concretely.
One life at a time ...
we are given the ability to positively make a difference.
Compose a list.
"This is My commandment, That ye love one another as I have loved you."
John 15:12