By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

I love her messy morning hair;
her little soft blond head looking halfway static and halfway flat like it can't make up its mind. Scooping her up into my morning arms, I leave her "pajammad-up" and tuck her and her melon colored polka dots into a waiting stroller.
My presence delights her.
I slip back inside and reach for the beautiful little boy wearing gray truck jammies and whose smile is as big as a half-moon. I wedge his busy little body in beside her and note his energetic, early morning tone.
We're peas in a pod ... the three of us.
Off and running, we're engaged in an active memory before my departure.
I hate good-byes.
Fields waving golden shocks of grain greet and meet us early on either side.
Ditches filled with dream seeds and colorful weeds encourage a picking and a blowing.
Purple, yellow, green, and golden hues meet our eyes, and an endless lanscape of open prairie and healthy farm crops attend us.
Wheat. Barley. Timothy. Oats.
Crops familiar to me from my youth.
A few stray sunflowers arched with golden heads and black retinas stare wide-eyed and we wave and shout "Good morning" in return.
We stop for butterflies centered on a lavendar target and we listen to bees hum in gossiping unison. We wonder at their conversation and quicken our movement past them.
The highlight of the morning, though, turns out to be none other than Mrs. Ladybug.
This of course makes sense since a little "Ladybug" is harbored in the stroller asserting that they might almost be twins on account of their matching polka-dots.
Fascination with this little bug, the size of a dot, produces smiles and laughter all around.
Chubby child hands wish to explore more and so I perch Mrs. Ladybug on a green leaf and let them have at her a wee little while enjoying their curiosity and full-blown wonder.
It's delicious being with my little adventurous friends and being invited into their wonder with them.
Mrs. Ladybug decides to fly away to fairer lands and reminds us that breakfast is waiting back at the house.
Off we go.
 I'm energized by my delicious morning riders and the ride itself.
The only thing I might do different is don a fun pair of pajammas with them since I felt myself the odd man out.
Kids are not the only ones who get to have all the fun. Ha.
Next time ...
Hugs are big and kisses are pink.
"I love you's," are said with a teary blink.
And I'm off.
My little people are in the rearview before I know it but memories are in clear-view and attending.
To "little bugs" and ladybugs ...
And polka-dots in between.
Beautiful morning.