By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

God loves in little inches,
See the tender yellow finches.

We watch together, my friend and I, the world outside her window.
Little finches congregate and huddle together in small yellow groups around the feeder;
Busy wings fluttering, flying,
Still for only seconds at a time.
My friend suggests to me that it is every bit like watching … me.
We laugh,
She studies me for a moment,
Feels the squeeze on her hand tighten,
and allows her eyes to wander back to our colorful little friends.
The presence of the little finches suggests life, vitality, and color in motion.
Indiscriminant and unaware of an audience they fly about unhampered by our presence.
God’s tender creation;
He loves so greatly and so gently all at once.
It overwhelms me … this single thought.
The hand that I’m holding is strengthened by my touch …
and I am strengthened by hers.
The presence that attends me I already love so much …
and that love is reciprocated.
How we arrived at this moment together is a providence and mystery too great to fathom,
but that we arrived at this moment is powerfully suggestive of God’s tender and merciful care.
I wouldn’t have wanted to miss “this” hand for all the world;
In holding it I feel the life, vitality, and movement of the Father.
For this hand I hold … I give thanks,
For this peace untold … I give thanks.
For a Father who loves so greatly and gently all at once,
I give thanks.
He overwhelms me.
God loves in little inches,
See the tender yellow finches.

Give Him praise.