By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Financial investing interests me.
In my study and "stock portfolio" there is a certain way that I educate and apply myself that is a bit unusual and a little unorthodox but which, none the less, attends me.
My first investment garnered me a "5 to 1" beautiful profit and got me hooked for good.
I was told that I needed thousands of dollars to properly invest in "stock" but I'm glad to report that I didn't listen to the naysayers for, had I done so, I would have missed out on the exhilarating education that I have received thus far ... and the nice little chunk of change received.
It's so enjoyably engaging and challenging for me:
Uncovering ...
Investing in books and in treasure simultaneously.
My husband calls me "Little Miss Buffet" and this is a tender little term of affectioned endearment in his belief of my learning and earning abilities.
While he agrees that my methods are unique, so does he also agree that the method is agreeably "me" and grants me success.
And he urges me, gives me money, and tells me to invest more ...
And I do.
Mmmm ....
Many wondrous and singular discoveries are made in all realms and arenas of life in going where others are simply too afraid to go. It is a life ambition of mine to tread deeper waters and aspire to deeper pursuits than some men even dare to suggest.
For a stride with God that exceeds all earthly expectation and man's small penetrations;
 I pray to move further yet.
The possibilites are endless in all arenas of life.
Some of you have linked hands with me and want the same.
To you ...
May you live to attain and realize the greatest of riches, glories, and promises Christ has prepared for you.
To Him be praise.