By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Clara is attractive, fit, and fiercely independent; a voracious reader and inhaler of thought.
Our first conversation is meaningful, thoughtful, and provoking with a mutual love of books linking us comfortably.
Clara favors works of fiction and is partial to famed author Karen Kingsbury;
she also reads the Bible with regularity.
During our visit Clara is seated on a padded walker, with its seat-turned backward,
but her normal residence is a faded blue recliner in the corner of 
"Living Room Street and Window".
I learn that she loves open windows, fresh air, and chocolate chip cookies.
Clara is homebound,
but of a mind very sound, and employed with decidedly excellent virtues.
Because of her I learn about resources that exist to support, enhance, and enrich the mind. Because of her I learn something new about my beloved haven called the Library.
I learn that the Library assists my friend Clara and other homebound individuals with large volumes of books on a consistent monthly basis. 
Clara supplies them with names of her preferred authors and they supply her with hours of enrichment in response. A fair trade is made monthly with books transplanted and exchanged outside her apartment door in large canvas bags.
It's a safe, effective transfer that works wonderfully for my friend,
and it's better than Domino's Pizza.
Benjamin Franklin, Andrew Carnegie, and Franklin Roosevelt would toss their hats up on this one!
What a practical, concrete way to provide mental stimulation to homebound hungry minds, and what an enriching and empowering activity to participate in.
Get involved, my friend, and expand your relational and mental horizons.
Explore the options around you and become an active participant and contributing resource in serving others.
Community needs you.
Time to run ...
I have a chocolate-chip cookie "run" to make.