By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

The next time you drive past an automotive dealership, drive slowly and look at all the different makes and models represented. From new to old, foreign to domestic, factory to modified, make to model, a thriving dealership has a host of vehicles to choose from.
Hmmm …
Satan is crafty.
He drives a lot of different makes and models into our lives. Sometimes we recognize him and sometimes we don’t; sometimes our guard is up, and sometimes our guard is down. Satan drives into our lives driving a different vehicle every day, depending on what he knows about us that day.
He works to appeal to our appetites and our desires.
Yesterday he drove a Ford and today he might drive a Chevy.
Yesterday he was driving a Lamborghini, today he's driving a semi.
 We don’t recognize him often because he’s always driving something different.
It’s significant to note that Satan has a strategy … but he also has a pattern.
The closer you walk with Christ, the more sensitive and discerning the Spirit within you. The more aware you become of Satan’s tactics, the more quickly you detect him when he drives in … and "what" he drives in.
The wondrous thing about God, on the contrary, is that He’s not working to deceive … so He drives a vehicle that is the same every day. He drives a holy white vehicle and He’s a pure and perfect driver. His goal is to keep His passengers clean and take us where we need to be at the time we need to be there. He wants us to know Him as the driver and trust Him as the carrier.
He wants us to enjoy being seen with Him.
There’s nothing more frustrating, distracting, or discouraging in one’s journey with Christ than taking a drive in a different vehicle, with a different owner, which temporarily appeals to our senses but drives us nowhere.
We need to keep our senses sharpened with God’s word and our spirit in tune with His Spirit. We need to choose Him as our driver every day … and we need to confess when we have strayed and selected any vehicle other than His.
Christ is the only reliable Driver there is … and there will never be any other.
Father God,
Help me to ride with You in “white” today.
Help me to desire a clean ride with a clean driver who will take me to my true home; the only Driver who knows my destination and the only way to get there.
Keep me in white, keep me on track, and keep me focused on the One who will drive me home.