By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Some of you are out there making the most of your "March,"
And others of you are barely moving at all.
Since goals are essential for arriving at a healthy and determined place, we'll utilize the month of "March" as a helpful acrostic in making tangible progressive movement toward achieving them.
1) M - Manage your time for the month by ascribing a specific day of the week as an assessment day. Since Monday is the first day of the working week, it has the power to set the tone for everything "write and good" in the rest of the week.
For this reason, consider making Monday your goal setting, go-getting day.
Set this day aside as an evaluation day comprised of a specific number of hours with which to both evaluate and begin your new writing assignments.
Things you might evaluate:
-How much writing did you do this past week and what are your goals for the upcoming week?
-What or who got in the way of achieving your goals?
-Which writing piece of yours do you view as most vibrant and stimulating?
-What was your biggest writing struggle this past week and how might you send it packing in your next?
Specific, concrete questions and answers enable you to manage time with greater effectiveness and work with sharpened awareness.
Pick a day and objectively assess your writing productivity.
2) A - Arch your back a moment.
Literally, stand up, create fists with your hands and place them in the small of your lower back and bend as far as you're able. Do you feel the way your entire body works together to allow the arch?
In the same way allow your mind to get familiar with some "over the top" publishing possibilities and writing opportunities.
Dream, in realized ways, about authors you would like to meet, workshops you would like to attend, and a writing magazine you might enjoy subscribing to.
Compose a list of the places that might bridge you with these peoples and opportunities and place it in a visible setting where you see it continually and allow your mind to wander to the "write" things.
Arch, imagine, and canopy your mind over unlimited writing stimuli.
3) R - Read.
If ever you hear a more redundant theme from me it will land here.
Reading moves us from where we are to where we desire to be.
Reading fortifies the mind, clarifies the lens, and improves our ability to think, write, clarify, and freshly process goals, dreams, and aspirations.
Explore the world through the words of others and expand and magnify your writing options exponentially in doing so.
 Utilize the "free" warehouse of libraries, book stores, and your friends' bookshelves and read, read, read.
Consider the reading of "one book a week" as a positive and constructive goal which lends itself toward writing enhancement and situates your mind for growth and learning.
4) - Concentrate your efforts.
Shut off all forms of technology and concentrate your efforts and energy on pure writing pursuits. Distractions such as Facebook, email, snapchats, and texts are avoidable and unnecessary.
Remove yourself from them in order to enter the "writer's zone."
You will not find your place withour creating your space, as a writer.
Discipline yourself and confine yourself to a writer's cell which mobilizes you for writing productivity.
5) - Hatch an investment plan.
Very few dreams materialize without some little financial cost involved.
For this reason, hatch an investing plan which leads you into the realization of reaching your writing dream.
-Open up a savings account and earmark it "writer venue account." Once a week make a small deposit and watch it grow and develop with your dreams.
-Create a "visible bank" by setting a glass jar on your writing table. Put your loose change into it at the end of the every day with the object of investing it in one of your writing dreams.
 Hatch a dream and create a visible means to realizing it!
March to the beat of your own drummer by creating a "Marching" list of your own.
Discover and uncover the more that's waiting to be explored within you, and ardently set out on some new writing exploits.
Everything "Write and Good" begins with a single step;
And from a step ... a fervent March.
May you experience a positive and productive month of writing.