By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

The air is sharp, cold, and biting.
I indulge my senses ...
And step out into the early morning air.
Breathe in,
Breathe out;
Inhale and exhale;
White clouds forming in the air above.
The cold air sharpening my senses,
 Awakening me to a thousand possibilities.

I come alive, somehow, in this cold:
Thoughts are clarified,
The formation of words magnified,
 God is glorified right here, right now,
In this moment.
His presence in this present white of snow.
Bare-foot and without hesitation, I make tracks in the snow and savor the feeling of the deep inviting me in ...
And now an angel lies gentle in the snow.
Crisp, clean, and cleansing to my body, mind, and soul.
There is room for me here ...
To breathe,
To be,
To become.
The Word comes alive ... in the wooded deep,
And the words,
Mine to keep,
In this canopy of cold.