By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

In 1909 Columbus College in Chamberlain, South Dakota was born. Within the span of twelve years enough positive and progressive momentum was taking place that Bishop Thomas O'Gorman determined to move the all-male prep school to the more prosperous region of Sioux Falls.
Purchasing 60 acres of land, he reopened its prestigious doors in September of 1921.
Use of the word "prestigious" comes with the knowledge that Columbus College was expected to become the next "Notre Dame of the Midwest."
The Gothic Architectural style chosen by Bishop O'Gorman provided a classic furnished look to the elite group of young men being housed and educated under it's notable roof and an impressive array of classrooms, dormitories, and other buildings punctuated the stately grounds. Classes bore title to five foreign languages, liberal arts programs, and four preprofessional Majors.
Another significant boon in its arsenol of success was a display of top-notch athleticism and the "Mariners" became League champions in college sports in 1926, and again, drew attention to the finery of Columbus College.
She was making herself a worthy and formidable reputation, enlarging and expanding doors, mission, and thoughts until something unexpected happened.
The "unexpected something" that happened was called the Great Depression and the school expecting to become the next Notre Dame financially could not sustain herself and went quickly and visibly under.
But ...
We're now at the beginning of the entrance which houses the best piece of our story:
In 1949 our country was cleaning up the residue of a painful and difficult season in its history and a need arose to shelter and provide protective care to beloved Veterans who had fought and served in WW II.
Guess what happened?
Mmmm ...
The vulnerable, weakened state of Columbus College beckoned and suggested her weary frame as a potential for housing and providing hospitalization to our new elite group of special men called "Veterans" and in 1949 Columbus College was restored and renamed:
 Royal C. Johnson Veteran's Memorial Hospital.
And here she stands, just one blessed block, from our new beautiful home with the reminder that, generally, what we "think to become" is not comparable to what we finally "do become" when God is in our midst.
God's ways are unfathomably good,
God's strength is unequivically great,
God's understanding is incomparable to the minds of men.
The landscapes of our lives change and, in time, produce and procure us with missions and mindsets inconceivable in our earlier days ...
And unbelievable in the latter.
The providences of God secure us with stations of ministry too great to comprehend and God's glory, again and again, beckons for man to resign himself of his "Notre Dame" in order to become something of greater value for Him.
Surrender your life to the Lordship of Christ and let Him make of you what you cannot conceive of you.
He makes all things beautiful ...
In His time.
"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called, according to His purpose."
Romans 8:28