By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Children are made in a beautiful and wonderful way.
Woven into their innocence and ignorance is an adventuresome curiosity that speaks to a need for parental concern, protection, and constant supervision.
Children are generally fascinated with off-limit items and dangerous compounds:
Toxic bleaches and cleansers,
Harmful drugs and medications,
Lethal liquids, solids, and everything in-between are potential hazards to beautiful "little people."
As adults, we understand that a child's mind does not have the ability to properly identify poisonous agents but it does have the ability to be curious about them.
This buggerish combination requires forethought about placement, locks, and safety necessities surrounding the lives of our little ones.
Syrup of Ipecac sat ready in our bathroom medicine cabinet for these very reasons and for such emergency occasions when our children were young.
Fortunately, it never got used and we never found ourselves in an emergency where it needed to be used ... but it was always there.
 "Ipecac is used in the emergency treatment of certain kinds of poisoning. It is used to cause vomiting of the poison. Only the syrup form of Ipecac should be used."
It's not a bad idea to have a bottle of Ipecac available in the house;
Strange things can happen in the blink of an eye.
Good idea to be prepared.
This morning I flipped my "New Word of the Day" calendar open and was presented with the word "mithridate" which spurred today's thoughts.
Mithridate - an antidote against poison, a confection held to be effective against poison.
The child stumbled into a "cleaning" cabinet, consumed a toxic substance, and required a mithridate of some sort.
God's word is an essential mithridate, a sort of "Syrup of Ipecac" for the poisonous toxin called sin.
Where sin has been consumed, Christ has provided an able and true remedy.
It doesn't matter the name of the poison ... the remedy remains the same.
Where sin has been swallowed, consumed, and absorbed,
God's word is a mithridate to man,
Christ's blood is a mithridate for his sin,
Confession and truth are mithridates to the poisonous toxins within.
Christ's love is the only mithridate available to cleanse man of sin.
You must apply it.
Take it in, in large quantities, and it will make you vomit up sin's poison.
Keep the cleansing agent in you and let it absorb your soul, mind, and spirit.

If the vomit that comes up is unappealing to those around you;
They'll leave you and in the end ...
You'll be glad they did.
Just as no parent or loving adult leaves a child in the vomit of his poison, no Christian leaves a brother or sister in their time of need.Truth supports truth, shoulders with truth, and tells the truth. Men of substance and men of God who consume truth as their Holy Mithridate possess a power and purity that lends itself most forcefully to another's time of need.
Men who pretend to have nothing to vomit have the darkest kind of poison hidden within and fail to be good companions on a truthful journey home.
Jesus is man's Holy Mithridate no matter the sin.
And the Redeemer of men's souls is within your reach.
Call out to Him,
Confess to Him,
Be cleansed by Him.
Holy Mithridate ...