By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Yesterday was a combination of high heat and humidity.
The temperature was 98 degrees and the heat index was 105 degrees.
I pared down my walking routine and determined to walk 1 1/2 miles.
The walk felt as intense as the air:
More challenging.
More provoking.
More of everything that matters to me combined.
"Why do you walk in such conditions?" the question is asked.
My answer generally generates head scratching and even misunderstanding.
"I walk because a walk's more than a walk to me."
A walk on the 'worst' of days speaks more to me about myself than a walk on the best of days.
And that matters to me.
I've no desire to be a sunny day walker or a casual observer.
My internal being is charged with fury and fire,
Flaming intensity and zeal,
And that's the nature which God has composed me with.
As foreign as my intensity may be to others;
It's an explosive reality harbored in me,
And one which identifies me as the "Father's" child.
 God has made each of us with unique attributes that ought to be explored and entirely engaged.
For reasons far beyond our knowledge and knowing,
God has composed each of us with a combined personality and originality that match the calling He has decidedly destined us for.
-The harshest of conditions wields the power to harness tendencies and activate obedient certainties.
-The harshest of conditions has the ability to foster and even fortify certain notable attributes quietly hidden but waiting in reserve to be explored and further developed.
The harshest of conditions elevates the might, mercy, and magnitude of God like nothing else I know. The soul is conditioned best by harsh exterior conditions that conform and make ready the soul for eternity.
I return from my walk:
Cold water from the tap flows over my wrists allowing blood vessels close to the surface to transmit their coolant through my bloodstream.
The effects are felt almost immediately.
A cold bottle of water meets my warm, waiting lips.
My body sprawls out on the cool kitchen floor and little shivers compose my entire being.
And it feels so good to be passionately alive.
Fashioned by God and expressly designed with a passionate nature absorbing His refreshing goodness.
Mmm ...
There's nothing in the world like it.
Has God, perhaps, called one of my dear readers to take a walk?
And are you bulking at it, afraid of it, and resisting it?
Are you assessing the impossibility of it and fearful of exploring the possibilities only God can create within it?
Hmmm ...
Our difficulties become our defining,
 By which God declares Himself emphatically able to empower and conform us.
We must put our shoes on,
Activate our faith,
And begin our walk.
The journey into eternity begins with an obedient step.
Take it.
"Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that work that worketh in us.
Unto Him be glory ..."
Ephesians 3:20-21