By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Nature is an unbiased and unprejudiced resource; she avails herself to all and extends an invitation to each.
Her companionship provides replenishment, restoration, rejuvenation, and refreshment.
She's genuine, authentic, and pure.
She breathes life, zeal, and energy into the soul and intoxicates, beautifies, and reboots the soul's sensories, imagination, and desires. She's a glorious remedy for the common maladies known to men, and in making use of her, we find ourselves restored wonderfully.
God be praised for His expansive and colorful mind in creating her.
Explore the vast reserve of recreational options and opportunities He's provided you with:
+Step out your backdoor and begin there.
+Take a ten mile drive in a new direction and become acquainted with a fresh landscape and a new vision.
+Take off your shoes and soak your feet in a pond, stream, or river.
+Lie down in a field and allow yourself to be overcome by the scent of alfalfa, cut grass, or wild flowers.
+Climb a tree and feel the brush of bark against your skin.
+Make love on a hiking trail (preferably off the main route.)
+Swim naked or dive fully-clothed into a lake.
+Get your hair wet and your body soaked.
+Pack a picnic and find an out-of-the-way location to enjoy it.
Savor the moments and memories mingled in movement.
Exercise your sensories and get on with it!

Nothing is more restorative, rejuvenating, and replenishing to the human spirit than spontaneous, impromptu fun!
Google State Parks, National Forests, wildlife reserves, and preservatories in your area and go explore them.
Get off Facebook and take a "live look" at what's going on all around you.
Invest in an inexpensive State Park sticker ($35 and a second one half-off) and consider gifting your loved one with an activity-enlisted enjoyment that wields the inexpensive power to forge unforgettable and priceless memories.
Assign yourself with a list of places you'd like to visit and map them out. Put the map up where you can see it and be strategic in your placement. Locate books and other resources which serve to peak your interest and investment in visiting them.
Check them off as you visit them and make it your goal to make new discoveries throughout the year.
This past week Scot and I visited Newton Hills State Park via a rented Surrey (four-wheel, all-terrain pedal bike.) A different vehicle wields the power to induce an entirely different experience. What fun we had exploring the park together and creating a new memory together.
My map also includes but isn't limited to:
 Custer State Park. Black Elk Peak. Cathedral Spires Trail. Notch Trail. Sunday Gulch Trail. Presidential Trail and historic Mt. Rushmore. Lovers' Leap Trail. Crow Peak. Spearfish Canyon. Butterfly House. Pasture and open-field jaunts. Hundred-acre woods and little forests. Good Earth State Park. Palisades. Gitchie Manitou. Mickelson Trail. Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. Ten Pins. Veterans' Memorial Park. Great Plains Zoo. Wegner Arboretum.
Vehicles desirable for exploration: Hiking boots. Horseback. All-Terrain vehicles (of all kinds.) Piggy-back. Boat. Kayak. A camel if I can locate one (ha.)
Adventure, exploration, and exertion are key essentials in "growing young," at least in my book, and the largest part of adventure is the spontaneity deliciously employed within it.
Sky is the limit ... so have some fun!
Get out and explore the wild and partner up.
Participate in Community!
If you need help with motivation or movement,
contact an energy coach.
Here's one that'll get you moving:
Driven Little Tiger ...
"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."
-Helen Keller