By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

We sat outside, him and I, my beautiful boy.
In the early morning hours some weeks ago, precious grandson Owen came for a visit.
I grabbed an early morning cup of coffee and we headed outdoors to watch the early morning traffic.
We enjoyed the morning immensely together.
Better than pressing one's nose against a cold pane of window glass is a realized breath and feel of refreshing morning air.
Colorful cars streamlined past us and merged into early morning traffic;
Owen loved the sights and sounds of the "morning magic."
I took a sip of coffee and situated myself comfortably in the "dewy" morning grass.
Drawing my knees up to my chest, I curled my arms around them, rested my chin on them, and continued my gaze.
My movement temporarily caught Owen's eye and he did something beautifully unforgettable in that moment:
He looked me over real good like he liked the way that I was sitting.
 Then ... he drew his knees up to his chest exactly like mine,
Curled his arms around them,
Rested his chin on them,
And he looked at me.
Our eyes met and for just a second, dear reader, the gaze of beautiful Owen turned shy, timid, and vulnerable and then, just as quickly, he turned away and we resumed our "car watching" together again, but in the same posture.
And I loved the little boy so deep there weren't any words.
Mmmm ...
What Owen did with me I catch myself doing with Jesus.
I watch Him, listen to Him, study HIm, and long to be like Him.
Somehow, in the most childlike way, I find myself trying to mimic and emulate Him.
He is the best, dearest Father in the world, and His eye on me and His word to me matters most to me.
Maybe I'm just a child inside but I can feel the Father looking back at me.
 He loves me and He's very pleased with me.
And who knows,
Maybe in such moments,
 He can't find the words for how deeply He feels for me ... and how much He loves me.
I feel Him unforgettably loving me.
 Morning magic...