By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Great and Wondrous Father,
Grant me an intentional and undivided pursuit of that which is holy and most needful for my soul; and purge away that which does not conform itself to You.
-Supply me with opportunities that bring my life into accordance with Your will; and cause me to see the obstacles that hinder.
-Satisfy me with an internal peace and joy where my life gives You glory; and cause me to be restless where there is sin and wrong.
-Sustain my wandering mind with a strength I don’t possess; and remove the idol thoughts that often linger.
-Cause there to be intentional movement  toward spiritual matters and deliberate movement away from the earthly.
-Show me how to order and organize my time and energy efficiently for You; and cause self-fueled efforts to be extinguished.
-Let godly conversation and conduct eminate from my life; and let all else be dismissed and forgotten.
Advance me in Your graces and draw me closer to Yourself.
Allow my life to bring You glory,
God my Father.