My Bookshelf - "Sticky Teams"


Yesterday I was at Halfprice Books and I stumbled across this book, titled "Sticky Teams". The author started with a point about how he can't believe he was saved himself, since due to his dad's church involvement when he was a child, he saw the "dark side" of church leadership, and the petty issues that can go on behind the scenes

My dad is a pastor, my husband is a pastor...I understand his train of thought!

In the car and before bed, I've been reading chapters aloud to my husband, and we've been discussing his points. Essentially, there is some really good ideas and information about ways to set up church leadership, policies, and organizational structures to minimize dysfunctional problems and lead to greater unity in the Body and leadership teams.

Because church drama has had an extremely negative impact on myself and my relationship with the church, I find it refreshing to see a pastor acknowledge the issues and present some ideas for things that could be changed to create a healthier environment. I also agree strongly with his stance on the importance of unity, and the Biblical fact that we are called to be unified as believers. 

Although I'm not quite finished with this book myself, I would definitely recommend it as, at the very least, a starting point for those interested in strengthening the unity in their own churches.

Check it out!