By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Today's my "neighbor" day.
I'll knock on some new doors in my ever-changing neighborhood, introduce myself, and get to know the folks who live around me. The practice of relationship and hospitality is important to me and this is how I've chosen to participate.
 My entrance is charged with enthusiasm, energy, fun, and something tasty;
 and my exit is generally a new and interesting friend.
The strategy is simple ... the results are profound.
I've learned that all around me, people are hurting desperately.
From drug addictions to marital afflictions;
from loneliness to hopelessness;
from depression to suppression;
folks are going through tough stuff.
Not once have I been rejected, refused, or responded to in a negative way ... but to the contrary. I've been a relieving antidote to the occasional "Jehovah Witness" visit and delicously and decidedly received!
Mmmm ...
A simple gesture and an unexpected kindness can make an unforgettably positive, beautiful difference in someone's life. And in loving my neighbors I discover more of myself and learn to love at deeper levels in tiny, tangible increments.
It's extremely rewarding!
Think outside the box and beyond your own backyard, my friend, and determine to be a neighbor to your neighbor. 
Love in a simple, small, tangible way ... and see what it does in you.
You'll be amazed!
In opening our lives to our neighbors, we open our lives to adventure, and a new journey begins.
Knock on a door ...
Go explore.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single knock.
*The "August Sardonyx" Devotional Study begins today.
Join me!