By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Push the rewind button ten years back.
Going for a visit to see my father,
North woods of northern Minnesota;
Land of a thousand lakes; host to an unlimited fishing supply.
Suitcases brought in; fishing lines come out.
Still a few hours left of evening.
Small fishing trio; My father, son Joshua, and myself.
We scan the familiar lake;
Silently identify our individual fishing posts;
go our separate ways.
Drop my line in.
My Father can’t help himself ….
Approaches me with unsolicited advice.
“Move anywhere but …. move on.
Unsuitable fishing, wasting time.”
Bother …
Note of mutual irritability silently exchanged between us.
Remain intent on my humble fishing base.
Cast out my line again aimlessly,
enjoying peaceful evening.
Content, cool, quiet.
A serious jerk on my line….
Caught off guard.
Almost lose my rod.
Give a little unexpected shout.
Dad and Joshua hear me over the water … come running.
Northern on the other end;
Able fighter, strong, healthy, challenging.
Battle ensues.
Dad giving directives, Joshua holding net,
fully engaged;
He’s mine,
A beauty!
Joshua, seasoned fisherman, equipped with large tackle box,
countless fishing lures,
excellent knowledge and understanding.
Muttering under his breath,
Pretty much is.
Dad is proud; forgets previous reprimand,
Revising history in notable way.
Takes my Northern to main office for weigh-in.
Who would’ve guessed;
Biggest catch of season this particular lake.
An unseasoned individual, an unlikely place
Amazing catch!
Won’t mention size of fish.
Just know it beats the size of yours by an ounce and an inch!
Fun evening.
Internally amused as I watch my father and Joshua,
Retire from their chosen stations.
Select an environment nearer me …
and akin to mine.
And the point made:
Sometimes God takes us by surprise.
when we least expect it,
least deserve it
God does a God thing in our ordinary day.
Sends a big fish our way, some form,
temporarily jars us from routine.
Invites us to experience the extraordinary:
-Moses and the burning bush.
-David’s call from the sheepfold.
-Elizabeth's fortified womb.
-Mary’s call to carry the Christ.

God doesn’t do marvelous things because we’re marvelous people.
He does marvelous things because He’s a marvelous God.
Doesn’t need a big tackle box or equipped individuals.
Gives the biggest catch of the day sometimes…
to the unqualified,
He does God-like things to “ungodly” like people;
Just because He’s God.
“Now unto Him that is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think according to the power that worketh in us.”
Ephesians 3:20