By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

May 28th marks a turning point, in my mind, to World War II.
On that day, in the hazed, tobacco infested fog of a cabinet room composed of seven of Britain's most elite men, an intense meeting was taking place.
Britain found herself backed against a wall;
The endangerment of being extinguished looked suddenly very plausible,
And her ability to rally and rebound looked oppressively impossible.
The humiliation of Britain and her subjects appeared to be simply a matter of time, and Mussolini's knock at the door, was considered a "welcome" by many.
One man, barely three weeks a Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill, took a decisive step one afternoon, the 28th of May, and declared there would be absolutely
"No negotiations" with Hitler.
He closed the door.
Mussolini showed himself a man of cowardice;
Churchill showed himself a man of courage.
In the face of extraordinary odds England would continue to fight and continue to wage war against Hitler's take-over.
In the end, Winston Churchill's "No negotiation" terms would be hailed as two of the most significant world changing words the world had ever known or realized.
And the words spoken by one man would echo throughout the ages and entitle the world to a liberation that seemed an unrealistic ideal at the time.
Think what you will about Winston Churchill,
His remarkable and exemplary display of courage in "that" moment is unparalleled.
In a league by himself, Winston Churchill stands supreme.
He stood for freedom and held his ground until it arrived,
 ... And history records that it finally did.
And all the world eventually rejoiced.
No Negotiation - An unwillingness to compromise, meet, or make concessions.
A determined course of strategic action taken deliberately and with refusal to turn back.

Seasons in our lives bridge us with moments where we must make monumental and life-changing decisions; where we must wage war against the enemy of our souls, which is Satan, and declare a "No Negotiations" policy in our stance with him.
We must close the door to evil and its compromise, we must go at it hard and in an ardent refusal to return to an old master destined for decay, depravity, and ultimately hell. We must dislodge ourselves from Satan's cunning devices and be propelled by the greater truth and force of the certain Gospel.
Christ shall rule triumphant and His promises shall prevail in, not only the end, but also the present, because He has told us so and His word is a guarantee.
 We are in a battle and the souls of men are at stake:
 We must stand united and decided in the truth of God's word;
We must stand strong in the strength of His Spirit ...
Or we shall not stand at all.
The multiple realities that will meet us on the heels of the "No Negotiation" terms will propel us, along with others, into lives of freedom that some men only dare to talk about.
One moment can lead to a great mission.
"Never, ever ever ever ever give up."
-Winston Churchill

Record the date of your "No Negotiation" terms and keep it before you as a milestone between you and the Lord.
Record all that happens on the heels ...
And give God His glory.
Ephesians 6:10-18