By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

If you were a guest in my writing room, you'd be privy to a large tri-fold board which I hold partially responsible for my success. The board measures 36 x 48 x 3/16 inches with "wing flaps" that fold in and meet at the center.
 Strategically and visibly the board highlights goals, desires, and dreams and charts progressive growth and movement.
Four arenas are highlighted on the two flaps:
+Personal Development
+Adventures & Experiences
+Vocational & Financial
+Volunteering and Giving
Each arena is given a 1 1/2 foot space to display steps, implementations, and outcomes supporting each particular arena.
The board is magnificently filled with nothing but hope.
Photos, cut-outs, stickers, words, goals, accomplishments, and dreams shout to me visibly and daily from the board and provide me with positive and reinforced realities about who I am, where I'm going, and what I'm about.
The center of the board is the most important part of the board and identifies personal values.

At the top and center are the illumined words:
Large white stickers (Avery labels) extend concretely down the center and convey the ten areas which I value most ... in order of importance.
A great deal of time and thought was invested in "this" particular area because everything around it supports it.
I'll share one concrete example from my life.
My #1 value is Self-Respect.
Self-respect is not tied to what others think or respect about me but what "I" respect about me.
There's a very great difference.
I've learned, for example, that I deeply respect myself when I assume personal responsibility for an area of life. I have proven to myself and shown myself that what I "know" about myself is more important to me than what others think about me and say about me. These are not small, idle words but life-altering words of profound and felt impact which have changed and transformed the entire trajectory of my life and my relationships.
What this means for me in concrete terms is that I'm willing to risk the loss of a relationship (even a very special one,) if it means regaining a respect for myself and restoring relationship with God.
My life choices and decisions bare out this reality.
I have a deep and profound respect for Darrelyn.
Darrelyn respects Darrelyn.
This profound statement means all the world to me ... and it's honest to admit that it hasn't always been true.
This is why it means so much!
Mmm ...
 Everything enlisted on the board supports and upholds the top ten values in the center of the board and this is what makes it so empowering!
The result of this tri-fold board has exceeded even my greatest expectations.
 I recommend it as an invaluable assignment enlisting unlimited possibilities and potential, enabling personal growth, and empowering self to the core.
Get after it and live in ...
Nothing but Hope.
"Committing your goals to paper increases the likelihood of your achieving them by 1000%."
-Brian Tracy