By: Darrelyn  L. Tutt

At the close of our weekly "Networking" meetings,
A single repetitive statement concludes our time together in a most compelling and interesting sort of way.
It's both brief and exacting;
Profound and worth extracting in it's wisdom:
Next week's meeting begins right NOW.
Yep ... that's it.
All of six words.
I suppose the reader to be as dimly excited by the thought as I was the first time and, I'm quite sure if it wasn't for the weekly regularity of hearing it, I most certainly would have dismissed it and forgotten it myself.
However, it's regularity and familiarity has caused the empowerment of it to burrow it's way into me and be finally understood and appreciated by me.
And now I find myself meditating on it continually.
I have applied it and found it appropriate and in accordance with the scripture and I encourage the reader to do the same.
I'd like to begin this day reminding "you" that the next 24 hours begins ...
What you did with the "last" is already in the past and a new blessed moment now emerges.
Take advantage of it, dear reader, and be different in it.
Every day is a new day,
And every moment is charged with the potential for experiencing the electrifying power of God.
Seize the moment.
Take captive your thoughts.
Begin ... NOW.
"I have set the Lord always before me; because He is at my right hand, I shall not be moved."
Psalm 16:8