By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

I’m in such a lather exhausting myself on the opening of an aluminum casing pill package that I’m ready to take an Advil for my headache.
Gosh and golly … for packaging these days.
And then the obscene warnings:
-If you put this in your eye socket instead of your mouth, you might experience pain and discomfort.
-If you inhale this up your nostrils instead of swallowing it, you may experience dismal effects in the sinus region.
-If you experience a heart-attack, stroke, severe allergic reaction, or begin to convulse, you should consider seeing a Doctor.
Hmmm …
What creatures have we become to induce warnings such as these on basic products utilized?
What money-crazed ridiculous attempts have driven companies to have to display such words and defining on their products?
God offered us a detailed message of grace through “derailed” sinful lives in the Old Testament.
Character studies that seem “off-the-charts” gross, weird, and crazed, grace the pages of God’s holiness and find their way in the lines of “God breathed material.”
Sometimes it seems really crazy to me;
Like many of the characters composed in the Bible are a display of “visual obscene warnings” comparable to the strange warnings given on packaging.
Do such lives really happen?
Do perverts, predators, prostitutes, prodigals, and profligates of every kind get to seriously be immersed in things like holy geneologies and God's precious and holy Word?
Hmmm …
All that God has selected to share with us;
His repeated attempts and desires to display to us what we look like apart from Him are really quite something.
And then ….
What we become because of Him remains the greatest mystery of all.
If ever a need arose for mouthfuls of Advil,
Mortal man has surely given it to the Immortal God.
But He keeps at it …
He keeps loving us,
Drawing us,
Gathering our wayward hearts to His holy heart,
And rendering us worthy of the cross,
His Son’s blood,
Desirous of hearing the heartbeat of eternity beating within us.
It’s just such a mystery:
God’s unchanging and never-ending love …
For you and me.
We must not forget who we are apart from Him.
“O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgements and His ways past finding out!”
Romans 11:33