By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

"The woman then left her waterpot, and went her way into the city, and saith to the men, 'Come, see a man, which told me all things that ever I did: is not this the Christ?'"
John 4:28-29

"And she, being before instructed of her mother, said, 'Give me here John Baptist's head in a charger.'"
Matthew 14:11

Response - A reply, answer, or reaction to a stimuli;
A revelation expressing one's thoughts, feelings, ideas, or understanding on a matter.
A response is indicative of an individual's nature, attitude, and spirit.
Response Matters.
Two contrasting figures arrest today's devotion and spring from yesterday:
The woman at the well and Herodias.
Three virtues possessed by the nameless "woman at the well":
Childlike, Responsive, Believing.
Three traits possessed by Herodias:
Pride, Arrogance, Anger.
Today's Read: John 4 and Matthew 14
Yesterday was rich with provoking thought:
Herodias, a woman I've generally overlooked, dominated my mind and consideration of her actions was brought into sharp contrast with, interestingly, the woman at the well.
While no two women differ greater in terms of position, rank, and vocation in society;
neither do any two women bear such remarkable and distinctive revelations in their reactions to a similar truth:
The truth about the sin called immorality.
Both women were tapped on the soul by the reflexive hammer called "immorality."
Both women responded.
Herodias fairly exploded in a vehement, involuntary reaction that shook the entire premise of the palace station, when confronted with the truth about her immoral marriage to Herod, who had robbed his half-brother Phillip of wife and sacred marriage union.
The marriage was wrong and John the Baptist dared to say so.
Enraged by John the Baptist's verbalization of a single moral truth, Herodias's hatred  commanded the punishment, banishment, and imprisonment of John the Baptist.
And her hatred grew ... as hatred does.
When the opportunity presented itself,
The demise and death of John the Baptist was complete.
And all was "right" again in the life of Herodias.
John had been decapitated, his head on the platter,
the voice of truth had been silenced ...
Except that truth cannnot be decapitated.
Hmmm ...
The woman at the well, in contrast,
Is like ... a child.
Jesus meets the woman at the well on her terms and in a non-threatening environment.
In one of the longest "one on one" intimate encounters revealed in the Scripture, He taps on "her" soul and initiates His understanding of her very confused life, her multiple marriages, and her present living situation.
He's not interested in what mount she's worshiping on or what well she's drinking from. He sees a need within her and He wants to fill her.
In a presentation of grace and truth, Jesus simultaneously and seamlessly weaves her broken needy life into His redemptive perfect love ... and she feels it.
Her knee-jerk reaction moves from a singular reception to a "tell-all" reception as she runs and tells the message "to men" that she has met the Christ.
And a new page turns for the woman at the well;
And the water has never tasted sweeter.
Mmmm ...
Which individual are you?
Pay attention to your response ... because it's a revelation about "you" and about what Christ is doing in you.
I don't know who "you" are or where you are as you read this;
But know of a certanty that Christ loves "you",
Has a plan for you,
And has redeemed you.
He knows every little thing about you and His blood was shed for you.
Go and tell others what He's done for you.
Redemption is just so beautiful ...