By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Feeling unmotivated or a wee bit down?
Here's some strategic advice:
M for Move
 Movement and motion create momentum.
If you feel yourself plummeting and experiencing a "low", then movement is required to get out of it.
Last night, I found myself in an emotional funk and slipped out to Great Bear Ski resort where I trekked uphill and down about five miles or better. My legs were on fire and my body screamed "no," but my mind said it was needed so I pushed myself.
I went at it hard and conquered the doldrums.
The end results were satisfyiing, rejuvenating, and propelling, albeit I was out-of-breath, exhausted, and a wee bit smelly. Gosh, but it was a buggerishly humid evening ... but oh well and no excuses.
A brisk walk outdoors does wonders for the soul, mind, and body and wise is the individual who moves whether they feel like it or not.
Begin with a simple walk around the block or down the drive to alter your mindset.
O for Order
Order and organize your day in a strategic way.
Utilize pen and paper or a dry-erase board and hammer out a few practical chores which need doing.
Employ a "check-off" strategy which allows you to visually see what you're accomplishing in the day and you'll find yourself bolstered in the process.
Order and organization begin on paper.
Write now!
V for Vitality
Vitality speaks to energy, spark, and ambition.
List three individuals and three activities that revitalize you and incorporate at least one of them into your day.
For me, there's nothing like a good book or the small investment of my favorite magazine to energize and support uplifting thought. A splurge on Dunn Brother's coffee does wonders too (I treated myself to a pound of their expensive coffee beans on the way home from Great Bear last night.)
Mmmm ...
Individuals who revitalize me are many and plentiful but all it takes is one.
 One phone call or text with a daughter or a simple photo of my grandchild is all it takes.
Intersect an individual and be revitalized.
E for Encourage Others
We feel better ourselves when we encourage someone outside of ourselves.
Quit feeling sorry for yourself and moping about.
Get busy!
 +Bake some cookies for the neighbors.
+Bring some flowers to a friend.
+Write a good old fashioned note and send positive encouragement to someone.
 +Purchase an inspirational book over Amazon and deliciously gift someone.
Engage in encouraging others in a tangible way and see what it does for "you."
Get moving.
Get busy.
Get on with it ...
Life is more meaningful and enjoyable when you're an active participant in it.