By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

 Sin is like cancer;
It begins with one little unhealthy cell and then it metastasizes and spreads to other cells in the body.
It is never content, never confines itself to one,
It is its nature to grow.
The longer it goes and grows undetected, the greater the likelihood of a threatening issue in the long term.
This is the cancer called sin.
Where cancer and sin are detected early there is much hope;
Treatment can begin early and the overall prognosis is much better.
The preventative screenings of God’s Spirit, word and prayer offer much to the soul in the early stages of sin.
They “sound off” in the soul and call it quickly into repentance.
They move with precision into the corrupted cells and destroy them even while they are working to multiply.
This is God and His therapy called grace.
If sin has been brought to your attention,
Deal with it and don’t conceal it or harbor it.
Get it out of you and get God’s word into you.
Sin infects, affects, corrupts, corrodes the health and vitality of the soul and one cell at a time … it grows.
Kill it.
Be done with it.
Activate God’s provisions with immediacy and stay near those who bear the redemptive qualities of truth, love, and grace;
Necessary components in the body of Christ and needed healing elements for soul and spiritual survival and revival.
For an early detection of sin give God thanks.
For the removal and cleansing of it;
Give Him praise and adoration.
Move on with Him,
Move on in Him,
And one cell at a time …
He’ll heal you.