By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Some time ago we sat through the graduation and celebration of a loved one; it was a typical, lengthy ceremony honoring hundreds of graduates.
Names were read, graduates received their diploma, and time slowly elapsed.
One individual stood out from the crowd;
I can still see him.
“Steve” had earned a generic degree with no additional honors;
pretty ordinary unless you saw him.
Steve didn’t glide across the stage like all the others did,
he labored across the stage.
With his walker guiding him, he took one difficult step at a time.
His steps took concerted effort and his walk took considerable courage.
I admired him as did everybody else.
I’m guessing that the “generic” diploma earned by Steve meant more to him than all the "weighty" diplomas of others combined.
The obstacles he had to overcome were “different” than the obstacles faced by others.
While I have not had to endure the same obstacles that Steve has endured, I am able to see a piece of Steve in me.
I think that sometimes I walk just like Steve but in different areas of my life.
I think we all do.
We are slow, awkward, and handicapped in hidden places.
Obstacles aren’t something we run about looking for in life;
they are placed before us, imposed upon us,
and regarded as necessary faith-building agents in our lives.
We don’t have to like them but we do have to learn to walk with them.
They are designed to make us needy; they are designed to draw us into dependence upon God.
I’m not crazy about the plan but I think it’s highly effective.
I’m not always sure about the plan but I think it’s praiseworthy.
God knows what He’s doing.
Don’t bemoan or begrudge the necessary work Christ is doing in your life.
Take another step and entrust Him to do through you what He has determined for you.
God is sufficient.
God is able.
Your obstacle is God's opportunity to do something beautiful through you;
Expect Him to show up powerfully.