By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Boost. Depends. Denture-care items.
Nebulizer Meds. Wet-wipes. Bristly plastic blue and pink hair curlers.
Aqua Net Hairspray. Sensitive Skin Oil of Olay products.
Oxygen tanks.

All of these items speak a familiar language to me.
All of these items tell me a story about my beloved client and her daily needs.
All of these items speak to me about an 18 month intimate relationship I've experienced with her through a "caregiving" role.
We've been an exceptional match her and I.
I can't imagine a life apart from loving her, knowing her, and caring for her.
It's been my privilege.
Even though my last "caregiving" day arrives officially on the 17th;
This is my final trip for final items that will no longer be my responsibility to secure.
And I see everything different for this reason.
 -I look at the items in the rearview mirror in the backseat of my client's burgandy Chrysler, while listening to Alan Jackson sing "Precious Memories," and I cry.
-I drive out of city limits enjoying a beautiful lush landscape that has become familiar to me for 18 months and I cry.
-I think about how much I love my client and I cry.
God's been so good to me.
My life has been beautified and "betterfied" by her presence;
Tethered to responsibilities that have grounded me and brought healing to me.
And only God knows what my client means to me;
And only God knows what I mean to my client.
Hmmm ...
New roads are sometimes hard roads to take, but there's a bend in the road and I know it's mine to take.
It's time.
Anticipation fills me but so does heartache.
And I think to myself how sometimes ... It simply hurts to love.
Love burns inside the soul and gets so hot that it sears itself into the memory and remains forever and ever a part of one's soul and history.
This is both the beauty and the reality of love.
My precious Client,
My precious Savior ...
How good they both have been to me.
To all that lies behind;
To all that lies ahead,
We must give our lives to God and simply move on with Him.
One day at a time,
It is enough with Him.
We must give thanks for the "one more times,"
We may never have them again.
"Unto Thee I lift up mine eyes, O Thou that dwellest in the heavens."
Psalm 123:1