By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

There are few things in life comparable to a child's birth:
few things that turn the heart into "something so soft" it feels almost reborn again.
The "hold" of Asher John is still fresh upon me.
His newborn softness still engulfs me,
his baby scent still fresh inside of me ...
his life has become a part of my own.
This little child so beautiful ...
now bound inextricably to my own.
Fingertips outline the features of his face and study the contour of his frame;
memorizing, rehearsing, and tracing with eyes closed, each little piece of his personhood.
The plump cheeks,
little button nose,
long fingers,
and miniature toes ...
the "barely beginninings" of a "bare" beginning.
A tender being of infant soul so entirely dependent.
Life and love in its most vulnerable state;
so clean, right, and beautiful.
Wholesome, simple, and complex.
I listen to him breathe and he takes "my" breath away.
This beautiful boy ...
Little Asher John.
There's something intensely beautiful about an infant's vulnerability.
One dare not crush,
or wound such perfect, simple complexity;
but only dare marvel at the inconceivable mystery lying helpless in the arms.
O God, teach us to take tender hold of the internal delicacy and fragility of the human soul in like manner.
Teach us to serve,
and love ...
with extreme care,
the souls you've placed on our path.
These souls so precious and priceless,
purchased by the blood of Your perfect love for us.
Your vulnerable life-giving Son who gave His life for us.
Through Him ...
teach us to feel again,
 touch us with love again,
this vulnerability of soul within.
Barely beginning ...
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