By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

 Explore seven experiences in your life that have had a profound impact on you and record only positive outcomes of the experience.
Even though the experience itself may have been negative, power lies in the ability to attach significant and enforcing positives to it. This is a productive and life-empowering assignment which you'll find profound, challenging, and enriching.
The greater the difficulty of experience,
 the more likely its effects and impact.
A successful outcome emerges from a positive mindset strategically attached to all experiences (positive and negative.)
Success in life is a choice and ...
one thought away.
Don't rob yourself of it.
Here's a successful example and preview of a personal life experience. Pay careful attention to the way it's been recorded.
Writing. Intensity. Tenacity. Intelligence. Resilience.
These extraordinary qualities are mine in abundance ... developed and sustained through prolonged years of trauma and abuse experienced.
+How could I have known as a child that my early reach for a pen would translate into a networking potential which would eventually touch hundreds and thousands of lives in a positive and productive way as observed this day?
+How could I have conceived through painful, formative years that writing would become a sustained activity guiding me into relationship with God and linking me to others as it's doing this very moment ... even now with you?
Of such value to my personhood and identity are the beautifying traits afforded me through the "experience" that I wouldn't wish it away for anything, though early on and of a truth, I almost didn't survive it.
Hmmm ...
Are we not wise to subject ourselves to the qualities rising from our difficulties instead of emphasizing the difficulties and trials themselves?
Are we not wise to assert the positives before the negatives in order to not distract from the gleanings which have been ours upon the experience?
Are we not wise to speak to the traits which enhance, inspire, and empower in order to diffuse the negative power which so many individuals choose to subject themselves to?
Successful individuals have not had better or easier lives ...
they've simply learned to apply a positive and strategic "mindset" to their lives and  live out the difference.

Learn to qualify your experiences by positively identifying the virtues and qualities emanating from them. Speak to the positive traits and enhancements afforded you through them and you'll find yourself empowering others beautifully.
Success is always and only ...
 one thought away.