By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Over time, my speedwalks have fortified me with unexpected little gifts and delights.
Special trinkets and tokens line my shelves and writing desk reminding me, tangibly, of God's kindness, goodness, and faithfulness.
He's worked His magic of orginality with me too many times to count,
And employed within each little "gift" a timely, profound, and personal message.
One such little trinket quite special to me is a child's airplane.
The small 1 1/2 inch sturdy steel plane is painted white with red stripes on the wingtips.
The plane is set for "lift-off" and speaks a message of movement to me.
Words are a lot like airplanes;
They have the power to lift, carry, and convey subject and thought.
In order to effectively optimize August, we'll utilize airplane lingo for our lift-off and see where we arrive.
An observant reader will note me making use of my signature "acrostic" ('August' this month,) beginning with "A" for Airplane.
-Upsurges are urges of upward movement which propel the pen to a higher altitude.
Pay attention to authors who prompt you to pick up a pen and dive into your plot at a higher altitude.
Pay attention to individuals in your life who launch you into an "air" charged with articulating fuel and writer's energy.
Work them deliberately into your day and foster "time" habits with them.
-G-force is a form of acceleration that erupts into an experienced "felt" force in an opposite direction. The force of being pressed into a seat and the feeling of being "velcroed" into it is a common experience known to flight passengers.
G-force is that writing force that "velcroes" us to a specific idea, word, or theme:
-A simple line from a book suddenly surprises and acts as a G-force.
-A stirring quote suddenly compels and produces a G-force.
-An individual speaks and and suddenly prompts a writing G-force.
Always, always, always keep a pen at your ready.
G-force writing moments erupt with spontaneity and pass just as suddenly as they arrive.
-Upward mobility in writing occurs with the habitual practice of solitude.
Not everyone is comfortable with the necessary writing discipline of isolation, but familiarity with aloneness and planned times of solitude fortify and make strong the writing gift.
Strategize and work solidifying practices of solitude into your writing life.
Solo flight is a powerful flight necessary for writing development.
Familiarize yourself with it.
-Steady by jerks.
Writing growth is a creative habit involving stops and starts, jerks and jarrings, and a host of intermittant distractions.
Setbacks are a "part" of the writing process and should be viewed as such. Determine before the setback arrives how you will conquer and get beyond it.
Subject your mind to the most simple of habits:
Write and record thoughts daily, (even if it's the writing of a strong inspirational quote not your own) and steadily ascend into writing productivity.
Allow the empowerment of the smallest of goals to fuel your mind's engine and keep you on task.
Steady by jerks.
Feel that intense enveloped moment when excellent writing stares back up at you, when your pen is laid down, the plane comes in for a landing, and a work of completion meets you.
Mmmm ...
It's so exhilarating and intoxicating;
Ain't nothin' like it in the world!
Good job fellow writer.
Celebrate your touchdown,
Keep your mind in liftoff mode,
And your pen will follow.
"Goals in writing are dreams with deadlines."
-Brian Tracy