By: Darrelyn L.Tutt

You’ve been outfitted and endowed, by God, with unique and distinct personality traits, abilities, and desires which differ from all other people. The combination you’ve been given is an express way that God has chosen to communicate with you and use you for His glory.
When we squander, stunt, or stray from what God has made us for we become unhappy, discontent, and disillusioned … but when we are in constant and sure communion with Him, beautiful and supernatural things happen:
We are employed, energized, and on target for the mission God has made us for and impassioned for something greater than ourselves.
This is living!
The book entitiled "GRIT" was recently placed on my path presenting excellent insights and an exercise into the utilizing of time and energy. While it lacks a spiritual perspective and directive, it adequately leads the mind and heart into eternal matters of its own accord.
It’s my hope that it will inspire the reevaluation of priorities and desires in your life and spawn a more realized and intentional direction.
Do the exercise … and be challenged.
Book excerpt: GRIT

Warren Buffet, the self-made multibillionaire whose personal wealth, acquired entirely within his own lifetime, is roughly twice the size of Harvard University’s endowment, reportedly gave his pilot a simple three-step process for prioritizing.
The story goes like this: Buffet turns to his faithful pilot and says that he must have dreams greater than flying Buffet around to where he needs to go. The pilot confesses that, yes, he does. And then Buffet takes him through three steps.
*First, you write down a list of twenty-five career goals.
*Second, you do some soul-searching and circle the five highest-priority goals. Just five.

*Third, you take a good hard look at the twenty goals you didn’t circle. These you avoid at all costs. They’re what distract you; they eat away time and energy, taking your eye from the goals that matter more.
God created "you" for a purpose ... dont' miss it while you're living life.

“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.”
Ephesians 2:10