By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    December's a month composed of a lot of bells and whistles:
    There are gifts to exchange, parties to attend, programs to enjoy, and a host of celebratory events to choose from.
    There are lights to be strung, Christmas trees to be bought, a house to decorate, cookies to bake, and a Christ to worship.
    Hmmm ...
    Plain and simple, if you don't prioritize what truly matters in December, you'll get snowed under with Frosty.
    Prioritizing is a prerequisite for those of us who desire greater substance than the gifts beneath the tree.
    Things like dreams, goals, desires, and pursuits brush notably against the bustling soul and remind it of much deeper yearnings. They waken it to potential, possibility, and empowerment.
    There is so much "more."
    The soul knows this and breathes a sigh of relief.
    Before we roll into the New Year and lose track of time in the old, let's address the beauty of dreams and desires hidden within and wake ourselves to the "gift" of realizing those dreams.
    December's Acrostic:
    The familiar game of "Truth and Dare" is played with two basic concepts in mind:
     The selection of "truth" induces a "telling" of something;
    the selection of "dare" induces a "doing" of something.
    To dream is to "dare" and should not be a word viewed as idle.
    The "Dare to Dream" must accompany a strategy and steps for the realization of it.
    With this in mind ... we launch the rest of December's acrostic letters.
    A dream in the "telling" without the energy to perform it is fruitless.
    We must begin to implement an exertion of energy toward our dream in order to experience the fulfillment of it.
    If one's dream is to run a marathon, then now is the time to begin training for the marathon.
    If one's dream is to write a book, then daily blogging might prove a wise investment preceding the actual writing of the book.
    Dreams are realized through an exertion of energy and they reciprocate fuel and energy into our everyday lives.
    Dreams beautify and give off a healthy glow,
    notably refined and defined in the aging process.

    Consider older individuals deemed beautiful and whether "dreams" are not active enhancements which energize.
    C - COMPANY    
    The company you keep will result in the dreams that you reap.
    If you wish to run a marathon, companions who have already completed a marathon will greatly energize you;
    while this is just plain common sense it's also worth impressing.
    Companions ought to be individuals who are actively charged and engaged in dreams of their own with a contribution to catapulting us to dreams of ours.
    Camaradie is fostered beautifully and forcefully through dream attainment.
    Embrace new stimuli!
    Expose yourself to more resources regarding your "dream arena."
    1) Order a monthly subscription to a magazine which contributes to an excitement of realizing your dream.
    2) Visit the library and read accounts of individuals who aspired to more and achieved greatness in the same "dream arena" as you.
    3) Make purchases and investments in your "dream arena" that contribute to building  momentum in the realizing of the dream.
    4) Pay attention to what stimulates and whets your appetite for your "dream" and then encourage "sensory" involvement.
    Something so small as a scent, location, or drive has the potential to motivate us toward the actualizing of a dream.
    Embrace More!
    Procrastination is a dream destroyer.
    Every minute you deliberate on whether your dream has value or is worth the time,
     you're wasting precious energy.
    Negative energy is never going to assist the fulfillment of a dream;
     refuse it and engage in productive energy of your dream NOW.
    One active step toward your dream, this moment, will invite a host of new possibilities into you and launch you into notable new living patterns.
    Yes and literally, reach for an "envelope" that normally transfers a bill payment, and write the name of your dream and the date you'd like to achieve it inside.
    Leave the envelope open and contribute items and steps taken that get you nearer your dream on a weekly basis.
    Date achievements and steps taken toward your dream and measure tangible "progresses"  toward it.
    This is a fun, active, concrete, and stimulating activity that aids remarkably in the achievement of a dream.
    It's amazing what a 4.13 x 9.5 envelope can hold.
    Mmmm ....
    Dreams have a refreshing effect;
    they keep the soul young, the mind active, and the body healthy.
    Refresh yourself with at least one new dream this year.
    Accept your originality and creativity as a gift from God and dare to be different than everyone else in the "dream department."
    THE "DARE TO DREAM" challenge has been presented you;
    now I urge you to go somewhere with it, dear friend.
    Live the life God intended you to live and be energized in the beauty and development of the dream He's placed inside of you.
    Who knows ...
    Maybe we'll find ourselves "arm in arm" and "face to face" on the journey.
    Visit my CONTACT PAGE and explore the possibilities!
    December Dreams ...
    "There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind."
    -C.S. Lewis



    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    Naked trees trailed by a drizzle of snowflakes;
    the feel of November creeps in.
    She breathes into cracks around the doorways and leaves ringed circled halos on glass panes. She encourages the finger art of toddlers and allows frosty words to be left on vacant vehicles.
    Scarves, hats, and mittens are prescribed and winter coats are no longer in question.
    A shift in weather and landscape tone, and the air grows cold around us.
    The seasons change ...
    November's nuance.
    This month's acrostic seeks to provoke mental stimuli through practical means and move the mind and pen progressively forward.
    Let's indulge ourselves in activity and move into November.
    Sentimental longings and wistful affections enlisted and evoked by feelings or ideas of the past.
    Nostalgia ought to be enjoyed and employed in practical form.
    Read an old classic and invite the art of pure language to challenge you:
    by Mark Twain.

    by Nathaniel Hawthorne.
    by Margaret Mitchell.

    by Ernest Hemingway.
    by Jack London.
    Attend an orchestra or listen to a symphony on CD.
    Music by Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, or Hadyn has the power to work wonders in a creative mind.
    Find a composer or musician that "works" for you and employ your mind with the magic of music. Keep a pen and paper handy and consider what style of music provokes your writing best.
     Variation in author produces variation in thought.
    Consider studying an issue or individual through the writings of two opposing voices. Open up your mind and be willing to learn a different viewpoint.
    Subject yourself to unfamiliar strains of thought and it will contribute to better writing.
    Consider what's been most productive and meaningful in empowering your mind and provoking your pen to write ... and then ADD something new.
     For instance, if you have a tendency to frequent libraries and bury yourself in books, maybe it's time to do a live interview with an individual who has knowledge on your subject of interest.
    Empower your mind with a new mental boost.
    If you have a tendency to stick with new contemporary authors, consider investing in older and more seasoned minds.
    Resist the urge to stay in mental comfort zones and invite new and empowering resources to assist you.
    Take stock of where you'd like to be one year from now and begin movement in "that'  writing direction.
    Be adamant about inviting new books, peoples, and subjects into your life and better yourself in all arenas of life in order to become a more effective writer.
    Seek to improve yourself daily and critique the heck out of yourself where you're slow or sloppy!
    Fresh air and physical exercise are necessary components in providing stimuli and stamina to the brain.
    Resist the urge to remain indoors stationed at a desk or seated behind a computer and utilize the free resources of nature and fresh air.
    Move. Move. Move.
    An active mind creates active thoughts and many writers find that a productive pen is stimulated through something so simple as a walk outdoors.
    Nature has a way of imposing surprising and mysterious thoughts.
    Take a look back and take a look forward.
    November signals a close proximity to the end of another year.
    Reflect on some of the experiences you've had this past year which have contributed to the development of your writing and then consider how you want the upcoming year to look.
    Begin to prepare yourself NOW for a season of new writing growth by investing in an early goal before January arrives.
    When requests are made for Christmas "gift" ideas, suggest specific resources that would assist your upcoming writing goals.
    You'll be blessed and furthered in your writing venture by the gift of a writing enhancing resource and the "giver" will be blessed by knowing they've contributed to a dream or goal of yours.
    November ushers in the bustle of the holidays.
     Employ your mind to the greatest degree with forethought and action before the business and craziness sets in.
    Make your time productive and make the moments matter.
    Put it in writing ...
    and begin with words of Thanksgiving.



    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    Sandwiched beautifully into the seasons is the most delicious "middle" we call October:
    It's flavored with chilly mornings and cool evenings,
    Snuggly sweaters and fireside sittings.
    Finger mitts and warmth of hat,
    Falling leaves and ... all of that.
    I love this crisp October.
    Mmm ...
    This month's writing acrostic is composed of delicious "middle."
    Eat it, taste it, and let it be sweet and good in you.
    Splurge and do a "double" in the middle.
    O - Order a new book or ... maybe two.
    Invite a new author into your life and accept an invitation to grow.
    C - Connect with an individual deemed deliciously appealing and inspiring. Make a lunch date with them and be treated to some stirring thought and insight.
    T - Travel to a place you've never been. If city limits is what you can afford, then stay within them ... but for heaven's sake, venture out, dear writer.
    Familiarize yourself with the "unfamiliar" and create a new writing environment for yourself by traveling somewhere new.
    O - Observe an author or individual who makes continual excellent headway into writing arenas and emulate an active habit of theirs. Take a step in the "shoes of the successful" and better yourself in a specific writing practice.
    B -  Bust out of the bag you find yourself in and situate yourself into some new flavors. Find lodging in the midst of new landscape, new voices, different thought, and opposing ideas.
    Nabisco encourages new flavors and new fillings in an attempt to work people toward their delicious "Oreo." Be willing to do the same in your writing and give your readers something new to bite into.
    E - Employ a new strategy in writing.
    Entertain ideas outside the "norm" and educate your mind on something new and decidedly different:
    -Read a Novel instead of a Biography.
    -Read a Children's book instead of a Thriller.
    -Study a Composer instead of an Author.
    -Write about a Reader instead of a Writer.
    Hmmm ...
    Does this not sound a wee bit delicious and intriguing?
    R - Refresh yourself in a little hide-away tucked into an "out-of-the-way."
    Get off by yourself and tuck a provoking read and bag of Oreos into an overnight bag and splurge on a writer's "right" to get away.
    Read yourself into a sweet stupor of rest and relax in an October haven.
    Enjoy the "middle" of this beautiful season,
    And taste October.



    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    Writing is a lot like hiking:
    You have to take deliberate steps if you desire to arrive somewhere substantial.
    Hard work. Discipline. Strategy. Forethought.
    Energy. Passion. Persistence.
    All of these traits are developmental requirements in reaching the summits we aspire too.
    Utilizing a "September" acrostic,
    Let's gear ourselves up for a hike to the "Summit."
    S - Strategy.
    Create a writing goal for the month of September. Put it in writing and don't put it off.
    Keep it "front and center" before you and remember that, until you have a goal, it's not possible to achieve a goal.
    Close your eyes and view the formation of the goal as your "Writing Summit."
    Now you're ready to ascend!
    E - Every Day.
    Every day rehearse your goal and take a defined and deliberate step toward the summit.
    A step upward is a victorious step forward. One step at a time, acknowledge the simple steps you're taking and the advancements you're making in your writing journey.
    This is energizing!
       P - Practice.
    Practice makes perfect and, persistence in it, is what sets excellence apart from mediocrity.
    Persist and acclimate yourself to new writing heights by "hiking" with fellow writers who have contributions to aid you with on your writing journey.
    Ask questions and make new discoveries through that big step called "humility" and put inot practice what "others" have learned before you.
    T- Time and E - Energy. 
    Time and Energy are precious commodities that you don't get back and which become your defining.
    Utilize them wisely.
    Make sure the steps you're taking qualify for reaching your own summit and not somebody elses.
    Refuse and resist the "copycat" mentality and be your own writer on your own journey.
    This is vital to originality, creativity, and a writer's self-respect.
    M - Methods and B - Books.
    Secure healthy methods as a means by which you ascend upward.
    Books are difficult to compete with and prove, I think, the most effective enablement and aid in fostering growth and progressive intent and movement upward one can find.
    Study an author who has ascended a similar "summit."
    If you're writing fiction ... study a top-notch fiction writer.
    If you're writing a biography ... study the best of biographers.
    Books can be returned to again and again ... and prove a wise and weighty return of investment.
    Make sure you're hiking with "progressive" summit climbers!
    E - Eliminate.
    Eliminate all that's a hindrance to the climb!
    Familiarize yourself with saying "no" to peoples and places that aren't a part of the summit you're aspiring to.
    Excellent and profitable writers, without exception, assert themselves privately and publicly by setting themselves alone and apart from others as needed in order to complete a Summit hike.
    Ask yourself "what" and "who" needs to be elimated from your life in order to complete the "climb" you were made for and then take action.
    Expect muscle strain on this one.
    R - Resolve
    Good writing takes firm resolve for which there are no substitutes.
    The resolve to continue to the Summit when you feel "writer's block" and "muscle ache," is crucial to writing development.
    Every step is not an easy step and backward steps will always be a part of the journey.
    Resolve to continue when the way seems exceptionally lonely, difficult, and frustrating.
    Resolve to continue when others discourage, dishearten, and disappoint you.
    Resolve to continue when your mind feels numb and dumb and your pen feels paralyzed.
    Resolve to complete a writer's journey to the "Summit" no matter what!
    "Don't stop when you're tired,
    Stop when you're done."
    A "Summit" view is an empowering view and those "chosen" writers who ascend and reach it, never forget it.
    Indeed, it merely fosters and fuels the energy for a Summit of a new name.
    Keep moving upward,
    Keep moving forward ....
     September's Summit is calling you and the "climb" is yours to make.
    Take one more step.


    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    Over time, my speedwalks have fortified me with unexpected little gifts and delights.
    Special trinkets and tokens line my shelves and writing desk reminding me, tangibly, of God's kindness, goodness, and faithfulness.
    He's worked His magic of orginality with me too many times to count,
    And employed within each little "gift" a timely, profound, and personal message.
    One such little trinket quite special to me is a child's airplane.
    The small 1 1/2 inch sturdy steel plane is painted white with red stripes on the wingtips.
    The plane is set for "lift-off" and speaks a message of movement to me.
    Words are a lot like airplanes;
    They have the power to lift, carry, and convey subject and thought.
    In order to effectively optimize August, we'll utilize airplane lingo for our lift-off and see where we arrive.
    An observant reader will note me making use of my signature "acrostic" ('August' this month,) beginning with "A" for Airplane.
    -Upsurges are urges of upward movement which propel the pen to a higher altitude.
    Pay attention to authors who prompt you to pick up a pen and dive into your plot at a higher altitude.
    Pay attention to individuals in your life who launch you into an "air" charged with articulating fuel and writer's energy.
    Work them deliberately into your day and foster "time" habits with them.
    -G-force is a form of acceleration that erupts into an experienced "felt" force in an opposite direction. The force of being pressed into a seat and the feeling of being "velcroed" into it is a common experience known to flight passengers.
    G-force is that writing force that "velcroes" us to a specific idea, word, or theme:
    -A simple line from a book suddenly surprises and acts as a G-force.
    -A stirring quote suddenly compels and produces a G-force.
    -An individual speaks and and suddenly prompts a writing G-force.
    Always, always, always keep a pen at your ready.
    G-force writing moments erupt with spontaneity and pass just as suddenly as they arrive.
    -Upward mobility in writing occurs with the habitual practice of solitude.
    Not everyone is comfortable with the necessary writing discipline of isolation, but familiarity with aloneness and planned times of solitude fortify and make strong the writing gift.
    Strategize and work solidifying practices of solitude into your writing life.
    Solo flight is a powerful flight necessary for writing development.
    Familiarize yourself with it.
    -Steady by jerks.
    Writing growth is a creative habit involving stops and starts, jerks and jarrings, and a host of intermittant distractions.
    Setbacks are a "part" of the writing process and should be viewed as such. Determine before the setback arrives how you will conquer and get beyond it.
    Subject your mind to the most simple of habits:
    Write and record thoughts daily, (even if it's the writing of a strong inspirational quote not your own) and steadily ascend into writing productivity.
    Allow the empowerment of the smallest of goals to fuel your mind's engine and keep you on task.
    Steady by jerks.
    Feel that intense enveloped moment when excellent writing stares back up at you, when your pen is laid down, the plane comes in for a landing, and a work of completion meets you.
    Mmmm ...
    It's so exhilarating and intoxicating;
    Ain't nothin' like it in the world!
    Good job fellow writer.
    Celebrate your touchdown,
    Keep your mind in liftoff mode,
    And your pen will follow.
    "Goals in writing are dreams with deadlines."
    -Brian Tracy

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